Eggplant that Deserves a Beating

$5.90 · 2 Reviews

Eggplant that Deserves a Beating ($5.90)
Aside from grilled fish @sichuankungfufishsg , they also serve up other grilled items and skewers so it’s best to visit this place in a large group to be able to order a variety of stuff. Love the quirky menu with entertaining English dish names reminiscent of amusing toilet signs in China.
The eggplant was nicely grilled and halved then loaded with heaps (and I really mean heaps) of fragrant minced garlic. The combination is a match made in heaven. I only wished that they sliced the eggplant into smaller chunks to aid diners and facilitate sharing as we were practically using our spoons and forks to scrap the interior off the skin. It was a pity to let such nicely grilled eggplant skin go to waste!


I kid you not, that’s the name of this dish. Whether it deserves it cause it’s been naughty or nice, it’s one tasty eggplant! Grilled still soft, it’s covered in a tasty minced garlic paste that’s super tasty (but only if you’re a garlic fan). Pour some of the spicy mala gravy over it for an extra kick!