Char Siew Nachos

$9.00 · 6 Reviews

Unexpectedly delicious fusion food with hot topping and crispy corn chips at base.
Really impressive, I like it so much.
It is a MUST for my next visit.

Rendang Pork Chop $18 (3/5)
The rendang sauce was delicious but it wasn’t mind blowing. It also dried up quite fast as the pork chop soaked it up. The pork chop was thinly sliced and was a good portion. Would buy again

Char Siew Nachos $9 (5/5)
The star of the show. It was really good and we kept on digging into it.

Vegetable Lasagne $15 (4/5)
Hearty and good.

Hae Bi Hiam Prawn Pasta $18.5 (3/5)
Shared it amongst three people, good but if this was for one person, might be too jelak.

Items ordered:
Truffle floss fries - savory addictive fries with mayo and floss for sharing
Char siew nachos - a large portion of nachos with char siew, good for sharing
Dry ‘Bak Kut Teh’ pork ribs - bakuteh flavoring rissotto, like of bakuteh porridge
Prawn & ‘Hae Bi Hiam’ Pasta - we found this a little too dry for our liking.
Steak & Chinchalok - steak was very tender
Banana donuts milo dinosaur


❣️ Char Siew Nachos ($9) a rather pleasant tasty starter - I like but wish it was topped with more char siew ragout
❣️ Truffle Floss Fries ($9) an interesting mix of truffle, chicken floss & mayo - some like some dun but I’m ok
❣️ Fried Chicken Wings ($10) a safe choice - like the crispiness but slightly dry & the spicy garlic dip was not enticing
❣️ Lup Cheong Iberico Chorizo Paella ($28) a filling stable, not too oily & very moist
❣️ A quiet spot for great conversation & catch up
❣️ #burpple

Thoroughly impressed by this innovation. Although it was more bak chor than char siew the dish is definitely still a delight to be had. A Mexican and Chinese fusion manages to be a good starter while being served hot with crispy nachos as the base. Get it! 😋


Love this dish! Nachos topped with minced char siew and cheese! A good sides for those who wants to have a drink to go with it