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Going Nuts

$12.00 · 4 Reviews

Served in an extremely adorable heart shaped bowl was a generous portion of matcha smoothie topped with nuts, coconut shavings & fruits! Super refreshing & perfect for a sunny day!!🌤

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
Ambience: 6/10

got tgb açai bowl n going nuts!

不错!they made the bowls on the spot (like grinding the berries n fruits etc) so pretty cool! price was as ok as the taste Kek overall not bad PLUS POINT is that there’s a grabwheels parking spot nearby so yeeet 🤪

小宁 :
liked d fact that they made it from scratch mmhm so the acai p fresh, fruits a lil sour but it’s ok, liked the crunch from d toasted granola bits, nuts and coconut shavings !! q a generous portion i would say and it makes a p filling bfast !!

i ordered the TGB açai bowl and going nuts. my mum and i agreed that the acai bowl was better! it was pretty worth because we used Burpple Beyond 1-for-1, otherwise it would’ve been $12 for a bowl (which is p much expected because it’s acai)

Sprouting up among the handful of eateries at Irving Place is a juice shop blending up smoothies and fruit bowls. Going Nuts ($12) sees a peanut butter smoothie base topped with fresh fruit, seeds and granola - richer in mouthfeel and to me a more enticing option compared to the wave of açai bowls. The juices (from $4.50) are fresh although a tad too small; coffee is decent and brewed using Brother Basil & Co. beans from Melbourne. They took quite awhile to prepare all our orders even though there was no one ahead of us - teething problems, I hope.