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Tandoori Chicken

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Stuffed wings in spices, paired with a yogurt based sauce. Personally found the spice rub a little too overwhelming, but meat was tender.

Thank you @meatsmith_sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite!✨

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Even though I had plans that night, there was no way I wouldn’t stop by the “Kebab Party” thrown by Meatsmith Little India. I mean, how often do you get to stuff your face on freshly-made, warm chickpea naan cradling different delicious fillings by Resident Chef Kurt Sombero and his Guest Chefs, right? (The correct answer is about once every 3 months but that isn’t the point here 😆).
Not that it was in any way a competition but I‘d say Chef Kurt’s “Butter Chicken” resonated strongest with me. Big, tender pieces of smoky grilled meat came smothered in a kickass curry gravy rich in Indian spices, and juxtaposed by cool, crisp pickled veg - what a mouthwatering combo. That’s irrefutable proof right there again of Chef Kurt’s knack for spinning palate-dancing flavours.
The Lokal’s Chef Darren Farr’s Vietnamese-inspired “Pork Banh Mi” leaned towards a lighter, cleaner taste profile with slices of the meat dressed in a pretty melange of fresh herbs and sauces. Keeping in line with Chef Darren’s style of cooking, he made everything from scratch too. I am glad I started with his creation as it allowed me to appreciate its flavours better.
The third was the “Sabab” by Japanese Chef Sho Naganuma. It featured a hefty piece of spice-rubbed, grilled mackerel. T’was a rather interesting mash-up of condiments on that naan but it was the smoky fish that I was drawn to the most.


Damn this is some juicy chicken. It's butter chicken but I haven't drizzled the butter goodness.
Personally, it was great even without the sauce.
Definitely worth coming again for this thang.


Done like tacos, but with tasty naan, this was one of my favorite sides here! Textures and flavours are well-balanced with the perfectly deep fried fish which was soft and chunky, served with madras sauce, yoghurt and onions - Eat this while it’s piping hot!

There’s also Kerala Beef and New Delhi Hot Chicken Kathi Naans for those who doesn’t fancy fish.

PS. Kathi Naans are available for a 1-for-1 deal on Burpple Beyond!


Stuffed with minced meat, a little more heavy handed on the spices; the chicken wings were very tender, served with a chipotle yoghurt sauce that was surprisingly refreshing!


The tandoori wings were fragrant and tender in texture. They went well with the sauce too!

This fish kathi naan was one of my favourite dishes from our dinner! The chunk of tender fried sea bass was done incredibly well, and paired great with their naan, yogurt and a housemade curry sauce that boasted a slight amount of heat. It’s full on flavours, and be sure to squeeze on some lime for a zesty touch! Other than fish, they also have other meats that you can pick from - Kerala Beef ($14) and New Delhi Hot Chicken ($14).

Thank you @meatsmith_sg for having us and @burpple for the kind invite!✨

These tandoori chicken wings are deboned and stuffed with what seems like minced meat? It wasn’t really my favourite dish of the night though, as I personally didn’t like how much spice powder was on the chicken. The sauce helped to lighten it up though!

Thank you MeatSmith and Burpple for the eat-up!

Very friendly staff. Food took a while to arrive but worth the wait! The ribs fell off the bones and the coconut complemented the ribs perfectly. We also had the Spit Roasted Butter Chicken as we were using the Burpple Beyond 1-1, and it was so good as well. I particularly enjoyed the briyani, it was so delicious! Will be back to try their Crab Briyani for sure. Note that the service staff asked if we would like still or sparkling water. My guess is that if we asked for the still it would be bottled and charged later on. However we declined and were offered iced water later.