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Gunpowder Potatoes

$6.00 · 13 Reviews

This comes with the platter we’ve ordered (see previous post).
The gun powdered potatoes was awesome! The crisp chunks are perfectly seasoned with some Indian spice and fried curry leaves that isn’t too overpowering, and it goes well with mint sauce hidden underneath the potatoes.

(S$7++, comes w/out the naan)

Catch up with protein-loving pals at this buzzy smokehouse! This joint pays homage to its Little India neighbourhood, so expect delicious American barbecueue with an Indian twist of spices and rubs. Get the Premium Meat Platter ($98 per pax) for the ultimate bang for your buck — it has favourites like the crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth Coconut Chutney Pork Ribs and tender Lamb Chop. The addictive Gunpowder Potatoes ($7) make a great side to go with your meat fest.
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The potatoes are nicely done and tastes very nice with the mint sauce. The portion is generous. Suitable for a snack for two or more to share and have them with drinks. You can also get one for one deal on Burpple Beyond for this dish.


Even if you aren’t that into potatoes like me, I am sure you will still adore these fried potato chunks with crispy edge. It’s definitely acceptable for people with low spicy tolerance,though I was expecting a more spicy seasoning and would have preferred it that way for more kick since it’s supposed to be gunpowder. 🥔🥔🥔 The most addictive part of this side dish was the green chutney dip. Its refreshing minty flavour acted as a good rounding off for the savouriness. Satisfied. 🥔🥔🥔 Happily enjoyed 2 of these as the price of 1 with #burpplebeyond!

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the food was generally delicious but it was hard to describe what were we eating other than there was mutton and potatoes lol. the potatoes were good!! much like calbee potato chips on the outside yet warm and soft within. paid $5 for potatoes but will gladly do it again!

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So moreish we ordered this twice! Deep-fried potatoes dusted with chutney powder aka gun powder cos it's supposedly spicy hot (but it's not really). The accompanying herby aioli-like dip just sealed the deal.

In all its simplistic glory, Meat Smith (Little India)'s Gun Powder Potatoes ($7) were a sure crowd-pleaser!

Though I am a tad biased since I adore potatoes in all forms, anyone would enjoy the crisp chunks perfectly seasoned with an addictive spice enhanced rub. And couple all that with their refreshing mint raita, the dip manages to balance the heady combination of the sweet, savoury and delicious hint of smokiness.


why not give it another try.
I love onion rings and I esp love Indian onion rings! There’s something about the spices used in the batter. 🤤 Bhaji onion rings ($7) each bite is such a delight.
Another addictive sides is the gunpowder potato($7). You simply can’t stop at one.
Another fun part about the meal is the number of different sauces that’s brought to us. You get a raita w the potatoes some sort of yoghurt sauce w the onion rings. But my ultimate fav is the curry sauce that almost reminds me of Macdonalds!
Another of my favourite was the coconut chutney port ribs($26). Coconut and pork ribs, my two favourite things 😍 It’s a dry rubbed pork rib coated w coconut shreds. It looks dry and tough but when you bite into it, the coconut gives a crunch while the meat is tender! .
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Bold, flavourful seasoning, with salty, fried curry leaves, all dunked in a vibrant green chutney—addictive stuff. @meatsmith_sg
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