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Fish Tacos

$13.40 · 27 Reviews

First time trying this place! I’ve always enjoyed Mexican food but never really had the chance to try it in Singapore...till yesterday! We shared braised beef + baja fish tacos which were really flavorful - the taco shell/skin (?) was thin so it didn’t feel too heavy BUT with the heaps of toppings it was actually really filling. The beef was soft and flavorful, and the fish was crispy thought the sauce was a bit overwhelming imo. The pork quesadillas were delicious, and went especially well with the guac. The guac itself was super fresh and I ate it straight from the bowl hahaha + the salsa was good too, although a bit spicy!!! Overall it was a good meal but a bit overpriced :’)

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Ala carte price at 13.40$ for two pieces with this quality of fish is totally worth it! As much as it looks small, it's really quite filling. Would definitely come back again to try the other kinds of wraps and fillings. I guess the only downside is that they don't have much choice for the drinks.


Fresh, quality fish makes all the difference in a good fish taco. The firm, succulent flesh of the sea bass fillet was unmasked by its crisp beer batter, and well-complemented by tangy salsa, pickled red cabbage, and chipotle aioli. This will get your taco cravings sorted, but really, who needs a reason to go Mexican anyway?


So juicy, and when you squeeze the lime and when you hold it into your mouth, it drops with perfection. Amazing dish. 🌮🌮

Located at 313. It's a place to try out Mexican food. Have a good day everyone! Hashtag #thegrowingbelly to share your meals with us! 😳

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Enjoyed these more than the fish tacos last round. Grilled chicken with tomato salsa, lotsa lettuce and cheese.
A casual atmosphere, with tacos ranging from $12-$15 onwards.


I keep telling myself that I'll make it to Mexico one day to enjoy all the Awesome Mexican food like: Quesadillas, Burrito, Tortas, Tacos & etc. 🥙
Barrio by Mex Out serves decent Tacos, Crispy Beer Battered Sea Bass, a little tanginess from the Salsa & Chipotle Aioli to cut the oiliness. It'll get messy so eat with your hands for maximum pleasure. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: I don't want Tacos, said no Juan ever. That's why it a meal with a drink & sides with a top up of a few dollars (price varies with different Tacos)
Get the Pulled Pork Tacos as well (Same Price as the Fish Tacos) 🖖🏻


Two fish tacos + a choice of sides + soft drink for $17.30 tho kinda on the pricey side but ... Think beer battered sea bass on a bed of piquant pickled red cabbage dressed in chipotle sauce. What's more the fish was light & crunchy and despite it being deep fried, it doesn't leave any oily traces at all!

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Conquer Monday with a Burger : Chilli Cheese Burger (S$16.90) at Barrio by Mex Out 🍔
The Burger consists of a Homemade Beef Patty garnish with Ground Chilli Con Carne, a Generous amount of Guacamole, Cheese & a Toasted Buttered Brioche Bun. The Beef is a tad too salty & the Bun is a little dry. But the portion is Huge, just Wash it down with a Pint of Beer & Wash away the Sins 🍺
ACAMASTIPS💮: Order their Pulled Pork Tacos &/Or Fish Tacos (S$13.90 / 2pc | S$16.50 / 3pc) 🌮 instead or the Barbacoa Quesadillas ($13.40) with Grilled Flank Steak, Salsa, Chilli Jam, Jalapeños & Cheddar all in a Crispy Tortilla. 🌯