Char Siew Noodles

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Food here is incredible. The atmosphere here is chic and relaxed, but clean and posh at the same time. I've been here a few times and have never been disappointed by any of the foods I've tried.

This is their Char Siew Noodles, which boasts their signature pork belly charsiew. The portions are just about right. The noodles are Hongkong style egg noodles, tossed in a balanced soy sauce and topped with spring onions, fried onions and caramelised onions or shallots. Awesome mouth feel.

This cost $10.90+.

I love the food at one bowl. Everything looks like it’s been churned our from your mama’s kitchen - so home cooked .

I particularly like their char siew noodles and their complimentary homemade soup.

I am having the nasi lemak for the second time - it is still good , though less memorable than the first time.

The rice this time tasted more like shallots with rice than regular nasi lemak rice 😅. No doubt still fragrant ... but I like the real stuff .

The homemade otah and the fried egg were most memorable. Not many can do a fried egg well these days and their version is moist and the yolk a bit runny - I Guess this is because the egg is cooked upon order.

Still a delightful meal for me 😊


Very tasty... love the pork belly char siew and al dente noodles.

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Really very thankful to burpple again .... my 🐜 antennas are literally up when I am in search of food.

Intended to have dinner at aroy thai but was disgusted with the Long queues and the stuffy conditions inside the restaurant ( where were the Shaw tower days 🧐???) . I immediately searched my “ burpple memory bank” and I vaguely recall reading a post about this place called one bowl at sultan hotel.

So blessed to have found this quiet spot for dinner and the food was fabulous - prepared with so much sincerity .

I must say that I dislike pork but for me to like this char siew noodle - it speaks volume of the chef’s skills .

Its hard to find a place in Singapore that has a similar concept as one bowl - just hearty dishes conceptualised by a lady who loves cooking and wants to share her best recipes with people who love food .

The char siew was premium pork belly slow roasted and it was so flavourful and well marinated ( without being overly marinated ). I specifically asked for as least fats as possible and I was Glad that my cuts of char siew were not overly fatty ( since pork belly was used).
The siew was the “ Melt in your mouth “ type.

And now going on to the noodles - think springy noodles drenched in home made shallot oil with visible strips of shallots fried to golden brown. Topped with some deep fried chye Poh , this noodle on its own was tasty enough.

And now moving on to the homemade soup that accompanied the char siew noodles- home made white radish soup with carrots and a pork base slow boiled to perfection ( just like how your mum would cook soup at home ).

You might have realised by now that I have intentionally discussed the dish in 3 different parts - char siew , noodles and soup.

I felt that these 3 components were really very good on their own but when out together there was quite a conflict of taste ( because each item was trying to overshadow its counterpart ).

Perhaps it would be great just to have the char siew with plain rice drenched with a bit of that yummy home made char siew sauce and have that noodles eaten on its own - just shallot oil and fried chye Poh and have that soup drank on its own.

Having said that - this was still a really really really good and satisfying meal .

At just 8.90 - It is very value for money given the work that has to be put in to each component of the dish .

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One Bowl Restaurant & Bar at Jalan Sultan is where you can find home-style cooking in a restaurant.

Just look at THAT Char Siew. #dfdnoodles