Mustard & Sage Pork Collar

$25.00 ยท 3 Reviews

Enjoyed this a bit more than the chicken mainly because of the richer, punchier gravy! The meat is tender, yet still has a nice give under your teeth with every bite.

Sides are the same as the chicken (blanched green beans and smashed potatoes).

A classic done right, with every element on the plate bang on flavour. Call it getting old but IF I had to choose, Iโ€™ll go with the cleaner flavours of the roast chicken over this party in my mouth.


Opted for this and it's certainly satisfying; the Pork collar being immensely tender yet without a porky stench โ€” the Mustard & Sage sauce providing an additional tang to cut through the meatiness overall. While there wasn't an option to choose the two sides (the sides aren't stated on the menu as well), the baby potatoes came spot on just like how I will do them at home; a little sprinkle of salt and a bit of rosemary for some flavour โ€” slightly roasty with a crisp skin while with a soft interior. I am not one who likes peas, but I could get past a few spoonfuls of peas here โ€” it's actually pretty well-executed, considering how it did not actually taste half as "green" as what had expected them to be.