Beef Feast Combo

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A combination of beef ribeye slices, beef shin slices & beef balls with rice noodles; meat is very tender & soft; beef ball is unexpectedly good; chewy, soft & flavorful, no beefy taste; soup is light but slightly salty; with crunchy beansprouts; love the addition of green lemon & chilli slices to lift the taste of soup; a comforting bowl of warm noodle soup..

Have visited Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho when they had first opened their doors at Midpoint Orchard. It’s been quite a while since they had moved out of their previous premises and took a hiatus from the F&B scene, but they are now back at a bigger space at basement two of Orchard Gateway just slightly away from the LiHo outlet within the same mall, and also offers a bigger menu that range from Pho, Noodle Salad, Curry Boneless Chicken, Stews to Banh Mi.

The Beef Feast Combo Pho is the “all-stars” combo for those who are looking to having their beef pho here — it features elements such as sliced beef ribeye, sliced beef shin and beef balls all swimming with rice noodles, beansprouts in the usual beef broth that is used for all the Beef Pho here. The broth here is somewhat on the lighter side that seems to focuses more on the herbs; mildly savoury but comes with a fairly clean finish without being too beefy or gamey, though may come across as a little bit bland for some. Otherwise, the beef slices were pretty tender and not particularly gamey, with the beef balls carrying quite a good bite — the rice noodles being slurpy and smooth and the entire bowl was actually quite easy to finish.

That being said, Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho is that sort of place where it’s not just about the food — but the story behind the individuals. Opened by a couple whom have hearing disabilities, it’s amazing how they have the courage to open up an eatery where most of us may not have the bravery to just strike it out on our own to do business — not to mention the everyday challenges of running an eatery where communicating with their patrons is key, and having to understand the customers whom may not be so well-versed in sign languages. It is heartwarming to see how the establishment seems to be patronised by regulars whom have caught wind of their return, with the owners being so jovial and friendly and the customers ever so patient and understanding with them — a warm gesture and a sight so heartwarming especially when COVID-19 has got us socially distanced like never before. That is the reason why Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho is a spot that is worth making the visit — an establishment full of meaning and sincerity and worthy of the support!


The soup is clear but tasty, made even tastier after squeezing in the lime and adding chilli padi. Some people found it too bland but I thought it was just right but I would have liked more basil. This bowl of beef feast combo contains beef ribeye, shin and beef balls ($8). The beef balls are well-made without being too chewy. Prices from $5 onwards. An affordable eat in Somerset.

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I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of pho, as I generally like heavier, stronger flavours. That said, I really enjoyed this bowl of rice noodles, largely on part to the tender beef (both shin and sliced ribeye). Explains why I’m squeezing in plenty of lime! The broth is light and clear tasting, which will please most, my hubby included. The joint is run by a hearing impaired couple, and it’s heartening to see the many encouraging messages on post-its plastered on the walls.

From Signs A Taste of Vietnam Pho; a newly opened Vietnamese eatery at Midpoint Orchard serving up Pho and noodle Salads — the place is loads of character on its own; run by a deaf couple, it is certainly amazing to see how they are able to face the challenges from setting up the place to the daily operations of the eatery. Quite amazing I would say.

Have had Pho a couple of times but this one is probably one of the few that's really no MSG added; clear, clean-tasting yet refreshing — simple and comforting given how light the broth was especially along the slurpy rice noodles. Being the item that comes with all the goodies, it includes beef balls, beef shin slices and sliced ribeye beef — tender, yet not too gamey. Pretty satisfying; a place worth supporting!