$12.50 · 1 Review

From Kaisen Natsume at Hokkaido Marche; a new multi-stall concept that is almost essentially like a Japanese food court that had recently opened within Don Don Donki at Orchard Central. Apart from this stall which serves up seafood dishes (think Bara Chirashi Don), there are also other stalls serving up ramen, Tempura, Yakitori and Donburi as well.

Thought the Unadon was somewhat decent at a fraction of the price from what one would get from the places that serve up live eel; the Unagi is actually on the sweeter side with the sauce but still carries a hint of smokiness from the grilling — the slab of eel being plump and provides a bite though being moderately scaly at the ends. Ample Unagi sauce is also drenched on the rice to provide more flavour. Tamago was decent; also on the sweeter side. Overall, perhaps one of the better choices at Hokkaido Marche and a wallet-friendly price of $12.50, especially considering how the Unagi doesn’t carry the same feel and texture as though from commercial spots usually would.