Virtuous Mushroom

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The rest were decent and coffee had strong berry finish.
The Virtuous Mushroom- Confit mushrooms, pickled mushrooms, hummus, almond dukkah and parsley on toast. With added bacon.
I felt that the highlight here was the hummus, so creamy and nutty. But if you take 1 big mouthful together with the mushrooms, you will taste the different layers of flavours😏. Cafe on tipping system now so you might wanna pop by and support them abit. Smiles from the bosses and staff can be more though..
Bearded Bella
8 Craig Road
Singapore 089668


Confit mushrooms on sourdough bread makes for a wholesome hearty meal. Loved the huge plump juicy mushrooms and the hummus on the side that’s topped with sesame. This place isn’t officially opened yet so they are going on a tipping basis (cash only). Be generous because the food’s good and call to check if the kitchen’s still open (: