Fried Intestines

$10.00 · 2 Reviews

Deep-fried intestines dunked into mala is my new thang. 川味坊香辣蟹(#01-1050) at People’s Park Complex Food Centre does an awesome version of this crispy dish. A generous portion of crisp, hot intestines and garlic sprouts, it was great on its own (a little gamey, but I’m cool with that), but ten times better after stewing in the mala fish broth for a short while.

We ordered 小辣 for our fish, not knowing how hot it’d be, but it wasn’t very spicy at all so just go with regular if you’ve got a decent heat tolerance.


Dry Fried Intestines ($10)
Randomly picked a dish from a random Szechuan stall along the People’s Park Food Centre had me felt like I hit jackpot. This Szechuan Dry Fried Intestines at Chuan Wei Fang (#01-1050) was a smashing dish with a well balanced heat and numbness from the Szechuan spices and a crispy and juicy bite from the intestines having been deepfried before being stirfried. Utter perfection and probably the best way I have eaten intestines thus far.