Trio of Dips

$18.00 · 3 Reviews

Cosy resto/bar along Amoy street specializing in seafood centric dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavors.

Freshly toasted pide with dips - tzatziki, hummus, baba ganoush. Loveeee the hummus!! It is super rich, dense and flavorful. More on the gritty side, where you can taste chunks of chick pea in there.

The tzatziki is a yoghurt based dip, it is very refreshing with a nice crunch from the chopped cucumbers. I like that dill is used here!

Baba ganoush, this has a pretty intense flavor but it’s hard to detect the egg plant i must say. Prob my least fav dip of the lot but it’s still good!

They are so generous with the dips, you probably need a second serving of the pide at $3! I love how airy and light the pides are!


Start off with these at your next meal at Claypots Full Circle (don’t expect actual claypots though, long story). Two out of three isn’t bad; we loved the bright, crunchy tzatziki and the flavour packed baba ganouch though the ho hum(mus) was underwhelming.

Loved the fluffy bread that came with it though, perfect for the dips and mopping up the other saucier dishes.


Hummus, tzatziki and baba ganoush plus a fluffy Turkish bread for the mop up crew.

Glad that the unexpected delight I got after my first bite of the chunky tzatziki more than made up for the disappointment from the neither-smooth-nor-thick hummus. A generous smear of the smokey, creamy, and lemony baba ganoush from Flavourtown on warm bread provided further distraction too, thankfully!

If possible, try to request swapping the hummus for more baba ganoush. 😅