Vongole Ppong

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This doesn’t taste like very strongly like garlic, or white wine, or anything in particular. Personally, I didn’t like it that much. The clams were fresh and chewy though. Noodles were wonderfully springy and the vegetables (onions and cabbage) were plentiful.

The jjolmyeon was cooked clams, mussels, white wine and most importantly, garlic.
The broth was flavourful. I enjoyed the fried garlic that was slightly charred which added that oomph to the broth. The jjolmyeon was chewy and soft.

Cooked with briny clams, mussels, white wine, fragrant fried garlic and served mild spicy. The jjolmyeon noodles are made from wheat flour that gave a very chewy texture.

Got my 1-for-1 main dish with Burpple Beyond ✌ (U.P. $16.80)

Broth was savory, loaded with clams and mussels, with a hint of spiciness and a garlicky fragrance! A fusion dish well executed.

Must try & will buy again!
Value for money with #1for1BurppleBeyond.

The Ro Ppong $17.80++ was too rich, it became unbearably jelak after a while, i didn't finish the dish although I was not full.
On the other hand the Vongole Ppong $16.80++ was refreshing and delicious.

#BurppleBeyond 1-1

Ro Ppong - Roje ($17.80)
Vongole Ppong ($16.80)

Ro Ppong is definitely our favourite! Abundance of cheese on top of this rich tomato based fusion noodles. Amount and taste of the sauce is just right, noodles looks like spaghetti but it’s slightly chewy with a lot of clams and mussels! Vongole Ppong was quite refreshing, the taste of the soup base was not too strong with fragrance of white wine and seafood. Both portions were big with a lot of seafoods given.

Fusion done right! Super worth it with Burpple Beyond! Will definitely return to try other Ppongs!

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Soupy spaghetti dish.
A little spicy
Generous portion of seafood
One of our favourite!

Me and my partner had Cha ppong spicy lvl two and vongole ppong. Both of us enjoyed the meal and felt that the soup was savoury and rich in flavour. They were also generous with the ingredients. The level two spicy level was very spicy and I liked it a lot as I love spicy food. Overall, we were satisfied with the meal and went back for a dinner meal subsequently.

Dishes were way too gelat. I couldn’t finish my tae ppong cuz it had too many white cabbages and my boyfriend couldn’t finish his ro ppong cos it was too gelat and cheesy. :(

Loved the concept but perhaps we should’ve ordered lighter dishes like vongole ppong!

First 1-for-1 dish with Burpple beyond membership :) have always wanted to try this interesting Korean noodle joint ;) Enjoyed the rich white wine garlic broth, with huge chunks of garlic in it - was really nice even for a non-garlic lover like me. The noodles were springy and resembled those that you get with Korean ramyun. They were really generous with the clams and mussels too!

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