Foie Gras Okonomiyaki

$18.00 · 2 Reviews

This is a lux version of the traditional Japanese pancake, and it works really well. What I tasted was a blissful mix of the savoury okonomiyaki sauce and the creamy buttery pan-seared foie gras, both equally strong such that none overshadowed the other. I must applaud them for balancing this so well.
This also came with an onsen egg and sour cream on a bed of fluffy cabbage and picked onions with Japanese mustard greens. The sour cream helps to cut through the richness of this lux okonomiyaki, otherwise the okonomiyaki works well for me without the sour cream too, depending on how heavy you want your okonomiyaki to be.
This is one creative okonomiyaki done well, with the taste carefully thought out and meticulously executed. I'm so glad owner Huinan asked me down to try it. Do give it a try too :)


Lobster Okonomiyaki ($26)
What I really appreciate @SumoBarHappy is their constant drive to be inventive and set itself apart from a typical ramen joint. The revamped menu now includes okonomiyakis, new donburis and a whooping 3 new soup bases for their ramen! The Lobster Okonomiyaki comprises a boston lobster tail poached in their housemade lobster butter cooked to perfection and a cabbage and pickled onion pancake drizzled with okonomiyaki sauce. What sets this okonomiyaki apart from the rest is that lobster butter that seeps into the okonomiyaki, giving that seafood umami-ness in every mouthful and the flavour explosion one gets from those lobster chunks!
Also in the picture is the Foie Gras Okonomiyaki ($18) served with black garlic sauce and sour cream for those bird lovers who can’t get enough of foie gras. Whilst I’m a huge fan of foie gras, the lobster okonomiyaki has been executed too well and won me over hands down.