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Chicken Wings

$2.80 · 5 Reviews

Skewers review!

Must order: Chicken wings (comes with 3 levels of spiciness, enjoyed the 2nd level, but the highest level is pure evil), lamb skewer (miles away from China’s standard, but still good), bacon with enoki, luncheon meat

Decent: Vegetables we tried (potato, long bean, broccoli), salmon, pork intestine, chicken feet, pork belly, quail egg, pork skin

Skip: German pork sausage, caveman bread (just bread with butter), mantou (terrible he says)

This place is super pricey; skewers average $2, with portions pretty small. We had 30 skewers for 2 pax for $71... better order the fried rice to fill up (eatigo has 50% off, but even with that it’s still not very worth it)

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Glad that we could find something similar in SG. The auto-rotation definitely made the self-BBQ a lot more hassle-free in the comfort of the restaurant.
We tried a lot of the items on their menu but would highlight a few that were to our likings. The lamb and beef skewers were good, so were their chicken wings of various flavours. The skewered salmon was juicy and tasty, and skewered luncheon meat tasted good especially when done crispy on the outside. Beside sweet corns, abalone mushrooms were better for the BBQ compared to other mushrooms that tend to shrink much over the heat.
They had a few sweet items that were also worth a try. Their butter toasted bread and grilled banana were great but do order them separately so you can enjoy them towards the end of the meal.
As its name suggested, this was one place good for the carnivores with lots of meat skewers. But they do have other non-skewer items for some variety. Good for a group of 2-4 for some chat over an automated BBQ.


Very appropriately named, this is the spiciest wings they have here. After we thoroughly enjoyed their other wings, we decided to give this a try. Boy, was this LIT! And by that I mean it lit my mouth on fire.🔥Through some kind of delayed mechanism, the first bite felt fine but the burn creeps in and I felt the sweat just accumulating on my forehead.

You definitely want to get the wings here, but this is more of a fun dare than tasty. 😜


Here at The Hungry Caveman, the BBQ works for you! You won’t have to worry about evenly cooking the various skewers because the mechanism helps to constantly twirl the metal skewers.

Pick from a wide variety of meats, seafood and vegetables. Some of my favourites include the bacon-wrapped enoki ($2.80), xiang la chicken wings ($2.80) and the salmon skewer ($3.80).


Located on level 6 of Orchard Central, “The Hungry Caveman” is an auto-grill concept restaurant that makes dining both easy and fun. A franchised business from China (they have over a hundred branches there), it has undergone rebranding to better suit the Singapore market.
The menu here has a pretty wide selection of skewered items plus a number of appetisers and cooked dishes. We got to barbecue meats of different kinds, mushrooms and vegetables today. “Premium Scallops with Garlic Vermicelli” ($4.80), a small plate of “Century Egg in Marinated Ginger”, a tomato-based noodle soup and “Golden Egg Fried Rice” ($7.80) also found their way to our table. From the grilled items, I liked the “Spicy Mid-joint Chicken Wings” ($2.80 for 2 pieces) and the “Bacon Wrapped with Enoki Mushrooms” ($2.80) the most. In the case of the former, you get to choose from 3 levels of spiciness. Speaking from personal experience, the “Extreme Spice” will test you. But the refreshing sliced “Guava with Dried Orange Peel” ($4.85) can help extinguish flames.
I highly recommend ending your meal with their “Grilled Banana” ($1.50). After peeling the piping hot fruit, cut it up and pop it in your mouth. It tastes just like “goreng pisang” minus the crispy batter, and practically “melts” in the mouth as it‘s fantastically soft.