Lu Rou Fan

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I loved their hearty and affordable Taiwanese fare and hope to see them back some day. Their braised pork rice (卤肉饭) and XL fried chicken are good!

Braised Pork Rice/ Lu Rou Fan ($12++ - Lunch Bowl/ $15++ for braised pork ala carte; Pic 1). A generous slice of braised pork belly that’s served with some rice, sous vide egg and cai xin/ choy sum. It comes with white rice by default but you can add $0.50++ to top up to shiny rice (like I did.

The great thing about the pork belly is that it’s got that balance between the melt in your mouth fat and tender meat. And being costed in the homemade soy sauce, it was irresistible that keeps you yearning for more.

The shiny rice deserves a special mention for how simple ingredients like lard and garlic oil can amplify a simple bowl of starch.

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With the extension of the “Circuit Breaker” till 1st June 2020, it looks like we aren’t able to travel anywhere for a bit longer. However, our tastebuds can still go places. Like to Taiwan for instance, thanks to @thesaltedplumsg’s Takeaway/Delivery Menu of Taiwanese delights.

My family and I got to try their Bento Sets recently, and we found the food appetising as well as great value for money because of the generous portions.

Unlike the classic “Lu Rou Fan” or #卤肉饭 where the pork belly is minced or cut into very small pieces, their Bento Set serves it in a large slab, albeit a very tender one as it’s been braised for hours with a mix of spices. This also means both the meat and sauce are fragrant and tasty.
If you are a fan of fried food, you won’t be disappointed if you zero in on their Fried Chicken Bento Set ($11.90). The batter used to coat the boneless chicken is well-seasoned, which makes all the difference in my opinion.

Besides the above, The Salted Plum also does Taiwanese Style “Zi Char” dishes such as “Mei Cai” (preserved mustard greens) simmered in a house-made soy mixture with pork belly and shiitake mushroom. They’ve even designed a “Family Set” with “Red Tea Jelly” dessert and drinks ($68) as a convenient and complete meal for a few people.

For deliveries, a flat $10 is charged for a minimum spend of $30. Orders above $60 are delivered free. As food is prepared fresh and requires time for delivery, customers are encouraged to place their orders at least 2 hours before mealtime via call or WhatsApp at:

𝟲𝟳𝟮𝟭 𝟵𝟯𝟵𝟴

P.S. Do quote “5566" to get $5 OFF your order.

I have been meaning to check out The Salted Plum for quite some time and did so recently when I was running some errands during lunch hour nearby.

The Salted Plum specialises in Taiwanese-inspired dishes. They serve a $10 lunch rice bowl which I felt was of excellent value.

I enjoyed their lu rou fan or braised pork belly rice. The pork belly was melt in your mouth soft and the braising sauce was sweet and savoury. Perfect to go with rice. I did kinda regret not having the "shiny" rice which is drizzled with lard and garlic oil but I think it may be an overkill with the pork belly.

I didn't get to try the other dishes but will certainly drop by if I am ever nearby!

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The Salted Plum has become something of a cult hit within the grossly overpopulated Raffles Place/Boat Quay District. The (not necessarily 13) reasons why are easily evident, as their famous Lu Rou Fan 2.0 comes at $12 a bowl before the ten percent service charge kicks in, and adding on an appetizer and a bottomless house drink only extracts another $3.80 out of your wallet.

It may not be cheap, but it’s certainly good. A sizable slab of pork belly that’s been slowly braised in a thick, savory sauce gets comfy atop a bed of freshly steamed Japanese rice alongside its bedfellows, which consists of some boiled bok choy and a runny half boiled egg.

The whole hunk of pork belly is a definite upgrade from the humble slices of pork belly usually found on an un-pimped lu rou fan. The sauce was heartily herbaceous and sufficiently savory. Said sauce permeated deeply into the tremendously tender belly, which really only needed a spot of firm persuasion from a soup spoon and a pair of chopsticks to part like the Red Sea.

The Salted Plum were being kind of miserly with the sauce, as there wasn’t nearly enough of it to properly flavor and lubricate the fluffy rice and bland bok choy. A little more sauce would’ve resulted in much more magic happening within the confines of the bowl, and that’s one thing that The Salted Plum should definitely improve upon. In fact, it’s probably the only thing that needs improvement with this pimped up sequel to the lu rou fan.


Paid $13.80++ for the Lu Rou Fan set with comes along with a drink (i chose Salted plum) and side dish (i chose Fried mushrooms). The lu rou comes in the form of pork belly slices instead of the conventional minced pork. The pork is so tender and flavored well with five spices. Will definitely return for this bowl of greatness.

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1 Nov’18, Thu⛅️
📍The Salted Plum
- Lu Rou Fan (Lunch Bowl)🍚

Not the usual braised minced meat I expected it to be. Instead, it’s a big piece of meat, like a concept of 大口吃肉 大口吃飯, I like the sauce and the meat is nicely braised...

Very filling and the meat is soft, easily break into smaller piece with the chopsticks...for ppl who is afraid of the fatty meat portion, I’m the same, I actually skip that...=X

But otherwise, the taste is good!

Damage: $11
#和我想像中的滷肉飯不一樣 #一個大口吃肉大口吃飯的概念 #肉很多 #肥肥的部份都拿掉 #軟爛的飯我不怎麼喜歡 #生病的我其實吃不出味道 #但還是能感覺得到蠻入味的 #thesaltedplum #thesaltedplumsg #luroufan #滷肉飯 #sgfood #instafood #burpple #burpplesg #cbdlunch #cbd #lunch #singapore

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The mushroom and smashed potatoes 🥔 are still e best.. I will be back to try more!!! 🐧 Peanut out... #peanutsjourney #peanutfindingbutter #luroufan #fiveten #eateateat #burpple

The Kobe, Wagyu craze really annoyed me. Most of the practitioners had no real understanding of the product and were abusing it and exploiting it in terrible and ridiculous ways. Kobe beef should not be used in a hamburger. It's completely pointless. It's like fuelling Diesel on a Ferrari, why on earth does one wants to even attempt to do that. No just f*ck no. .
Regular beef, if handled with care and executed well is good enough, outstanding even, considering the affordability of it. Hence this beef bowl ticks all the right boxes in terms of taste, price and satisfaction. But it’s their Pork Ribs and Lu Rou Fan (Braised Pork Belly with rice) is what I find myself coming back for.
PS; BIG ASS PRAWNS are their December’s Special so get your ass there today to find out more.

This is their rendition of Taiwanese Lu Rou Fan! Instead of the usual minced pork, here they present to you a glorious slab of pork belly. It's tender and has a good fat-meat ratio. I could taste the star anise used to braise it. Also, do stir the sous vide egg into your lard rice! It gives that beautiful, slightly creamy and smooth texture.

This bowl costs $11.55 aft svc charge; a little steep for a bowl of lu rou fan but considering that it's a hipster one, could be a good weekly indulgence for lunch!