Fried Chicken

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I loved their hearty and affordable Taiwanese fare and hope to see them back some day. Their braised pork rice (卤肉饭) and XL fried chicken are good!

Pork Chop Bowl. ($10++ for Lunch Bowl). Also available on its own. For the lunch bowl, you’ll get a good amount of crispy, tender, tasty pork belly that’s marinated in a special seasoning and deep fried till crispy. To round it up, there’s some homemade pickled carrots and a sous vide egg.

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I loved their hearty and affordable Taiwanese fare and hope to see them back some day. Their braised pork rice (卤肉饭) and XL fried chicken are good!

XL Fried Chicken ($10++). You won’t regret ordering this. EXTRA LARGE pieces of BONELESS chicken thigh that’s coated with a crispy better. Choose from plum powder mix or salt pepper and preserved orange seasoning. We opted for the former and it added a distinct sweet, sour and salty flavour to the dish.

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Known for serving up authentic Taiwanese cuisine that is absolutely tasty & homely 🏠, dishes served here (@foodkingnoc certified ✔) is indeed perfect for sharing with family & friends! ❤
New to the menu are a roundup of sharing plates that are synonymous to what you can get in Taiwanese homes! 🌟 Denominated in prices of $5, $10, $15 & $20, you will be spoilt for choice with their plethora of offering! 🤩
Here's the spread that I tried:
🔹️Braised Duck Wings 🦆
🔹️Taiwan 'Xiao Cai'
[NEW 🎉]
🔹️Fluffy 'Cai Po' Omelette 🍳
🔹️Steamed Sea Bass with Taiwan Berries 🐟
🔹️XL Fried Chicken 🐔
🔹️Crispy Salt & Pepper Squid 🦑
🔹️Seasonal Fruit & Plum Salad 🌟
🔹️Charred Brussel Sprouts 🔥
🔹️Burnt Chilli Chicken 🌶🐔
🔹️Lu Rou (Braised Pork Belly) 🐖
Honestly, every dish was equally delightful! 😋 Their 烤肉 (Barbequed Meat) is a crowd-favourite & a must-try! 💯 I personally liked the smoky flavours of the Charred Brussel Sprouts, & the freshness of the steamed sea bass - sweet & tangy without a strong ginger taste! 👍🏻👍🏻
Had their Haus Red Tea Jelly & Pearls for dessert! 💕 Love the firm yet slightly chewy & crunchy texture of the jelly, coated with a layer of luscious whipping cream - so sinful but worth every calorie! ✔

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I remember back when they used to be called “Five Ten” and dishes were literally priced at $5/10, so when I popped by The Salted Plum I was more than a little taken aback by the price hike. Where I could get little nuggets of fried chicken with nori butter at $5, I could now only get cucumber or peanuts at the same price 🙃 Still I ain’t gonna complain cause I still maintain they sell among the best Taiwanese restaurant chows in Singapore. Take their Lala: sweet sweet sweeeeet clams are stir-fried with Taiwanese pesto (flavour’s very similar to preserved veggies I reckon) then topped with crispy pork croutons, resulting in a fantastically addictive and umami-packed dish and pork croutons. It was so packed with flavour I literally COULD. NOT. STOP.


The sheer length of this set looked impressive.
It included their delicious braised pork belly and Mei Cai, sous vide Wagyu steak, burnt chilli chicken and fried chicken, Kao Rou, steamed prawns, mermaid fish with plum powder. And there was the braised cabbage with bamboo shoots that were really yummy. The meal would end with red tea jelly if there was still space in the stomach for it.
It was a very comprehensive set with lots of meat, seafood and vegetables. Perfect set to sample most of the popular dishes at @thesaltedplumsg except that they weren’t of sampling sizes. In fact, we felt that this set was even good to feed 4. In summary, it was of amazing value on top of the great flavours.

A bowl of rice (I implore you to top up just S$0.50 to change your usual boring rice to their Shiny Rice - it’s drizzled with lard and garlic oil, a sinful once in awhile indulgence) topped with a mountain of crispy fried chicken that’s both flavourful and generous, with a side of perfectly sous-vide egg and pickles. .
So, what could be better than that? It’s their new lunch promotion. Just add 💵S$3.80 on top of your lunch bowl for one appetiser and free flow homemade drinks.

Still so good!! 😍😋 My favourite at @thesaltedplumsg ! And yes we upsized it! -
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Weighing in at $10+ for 2 slabs of fatty goodness isn’t quite exactly gentle on the pockets. Thankfully, the tenderness of the pork slathered in the sufficiently seasoned gravy was somewhat able to redeem it from wailing wallets.

However, the discerned would have been able to tell that the meat could have been more flavorful if not for the fact it was probably cooked using a pressure cooker to achieve that level of tenderness within a shorter period; before being doused in a well seasoned broth. Still a commendable taste, nonetheless.

Not pictured here, we also tried plentiful other dishes: burnt chili chicken ($10+), five spiced squid ($10+), fried chicken with nori mayonnaise ($10+), Brussel sprouts with salted pork and mushroom ($10+), bamboo shoots in pork broth ($5+), kailan with crispy bait ($10+), black fungus in dashi ($5+), smashed baby potatoes with plum sauce ($5+), chicken hearts with fried ginger ($5+), as well as a canister of sour plum juice ($10+).

Only thing to mention is that fame perhaps is the precursor of downfalls. Before word of Salted Plum got around and before being featured on a particular YouTube food show, the food standards were apparently much better than the current. The current appears to skimp on portion sizes, and seasonings tend to be too heavily skewed (sodium and MSG wise). Nothing much spectacular to warrant a return visit, and definitely nothing sufficient to quench my welling thirst after the meal.

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A very reasonably priced set lunch dons at $10! We tried the recommended steak don, fried chicken don as well as their burnt chilli chicken don! All were flavorful and came with an onsen egg! My favourite has to be the fried chicken!!


😋😍😋 Favourite and must order whenever I’m here- Fried Chicken and brussel sprouts! -
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