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Burnt Chilli Chicken

$10.00 · 32 Reviews

How good could it be? I’ll set the record straight today: this dish is pretty damn fkin good. You’ve got tender chunks of chicken thigh boasting blackened charred bits (that are so addictive btw), just lightly seasoned, but oof packing such a punch you’d be sporting a leaking nose in no time. I was super impressed with huge kick of chilli here, especially with how it ain’t a flat kinda spicy, but a more nuanced one layered with the smoky charred bits and different aromatic veggies used. The portion’s really generous as well yknow, if you need another reason to order this other than it’s bloody delicious.


Finally tried the Burnt Chilli Chicken 2.0 [$10] and Pork Chop [$10] with Burpple 1-for-1, and both dishes are indeed flavourful and totally worth the calories. Also ordered the Shiny Rice, which is sinfully good too (though may not ordered again as 我怕肥)! Would visit this place again next time to try the other dishes (or the same ones, who knows lol) :)

We ordered the burnt chilli chicken - charred chicken thigh with Chinese chives and kaffir with Szechuan. This was a little spicy but was packed with a smoky wok hei flavour that was so addictive. We also got the crispy fried pork chop with haus chilli mayonnaise. Another highlight was their sweet potato congee bursting with umami flavours, made with a dashi stock, along with tobiko and purple sweet potatoes. A must try cafe for an interesting take on Taiwanese food!
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Gather your colleagues for dinner at this cute spot in Raffles Place. Go for their dinner set which includes nine full-sized dishes with free-flow rice, red tea jelly and a decanter of their homemade drink. Also expect their delicious 10-hour sous-vide wagyu karubi steak, braised pork belly and burnt chilli chicken — yum!
Photo by Burppler I makan Sg


The Salted Plum is one of the more popular lunch places in the area for their value for money lunch deals on their rice bowls. The Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl is filled with generous chunks of charred chicken which packed serious heat while staying tender on the inside. Mix all of that together with the onsen egg and the rice to get a winning combination.

Note: Rice bowls only available for weekday lunch

Burnt Chilli Chicken Rice Bowl ($10 weekday lunch promo)- a very generous serving of intensely charred chicken, moist and tender on the inside and packing serious heat on the outside. Seasoning was spot on. The portion was substantial enough that I'd suggest having a dining companion order a different bowl and then sharing the chicken and other protein of choice. Topped up $0.50 for "Shiny Rice" (rice drizzled with lard and garlic oil), which was subtly fragrant but not particularly noteworthy; and $3.80 for a set which included a tasting portion of Haus Bacon (a little like 烧肉 without the fat) and free flow house drinks (Honey Lime, Sour Plum, Red Tea).

Got the popular burnt chilli chicken rice... the portion of chicken is quite generous and the flavour itself is not too bad, but the chicken is too dry 😐 just find it a little hard to finish this bowl

Tze char dishes that were comforting and felt like I am eating at home.
Melty Ru lou (braised pork belly) with tang gui, burnt chilli chicken with a lingering heat, long beans in peanut sauce and sinful lard, oyster omelette, and a purple sweet potato porridge that was memorable. Explosive flavors which bears a delectable wokhei tone.
It was so good, we walloped every morsel and every grain. I will go back again for this table of plenty.
Thank you @thesaltedplumsg for hosting and @tiara_star @samoosg for sharing the calories.

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Deliciously bold in flavours with Taiwanese influences, Good for sharing. All in good company and laughter.
🍠 Purple sweet potato porridge
🌱 Long beans with peanut sauce, tau kwa and pork croutons ie lard 😍 👍
🌶Burnt chilli chicken
🐷 Fried pork rice
🥓 Kao Rou (Taiwanese grilled pork belly) with garlic chips
🥩 Lu Rou (Braised pork belly) with haus sauce that has dang gui

Pssst reserve ahead if you are heading for dinner.
Thanks @thesaltedplumsg for having us and @msginginly sharing the yums. #herpenandfork #burpple #sgfood #sgfoodblogger #8dayseat #sgblogger #cafehoppingsg #burpplesg #thesaltedplumsg

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It was my third time back at the salted plum! They now serve live Boston lobster ($25+), cooked in Chinese style with soy sauce and garlic! Plastic gloves are provided too for easy eating. The yam ($5+) was also surprising! Because it was such a small portion and was served in a mess of blackness. But wow wow, the savoury powder on the yam went soooo well with the spicy mayo like dip! The red tea jelly with pearls and cream was 🤨 though. The pearl was kinda undercooked with the inner later still hard and floury! And the red tea jelly was firmer than the normal jelly texture, but I liked it! The burnt chilli chicken, sweet potato congee, and fried rice are basic favourites 🙂 #burpple #burpplesg #thesaltedplum
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