Chicken Hearts

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These soy glazed chicken hearts with fried ginger are a delight to have. I’m not particularly fond of innards usually, cause of the gaminess that comes with it but these chicken hearts were fragrant and not quite what I expected

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My first time having chicken hearts but it was surprisingly enjoyable! Topped with fried ginger, the soy glazed chicken hearts were well-seasoned, tender with a bite. Makes for a good bar bite!


First ever try of chicken hearts so I can’t say for sure how good this was, but I really liked it! It was slightly crunchy and tasted very much like liver but without that powdery texture.

Thank you @thestaltedplumsg for having us over for @burpple’s eatup!

They were cooked tender with a nice chew, but there was a detectable mineral-ish aftertaste, which thankfully the ginger helped to mask. @thesaltedplumsg
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A fun little bar snack - chicken hearts topped with fried shallots and spring onions. The chicken hearts were well done and tender, and well seasoned. The generous toppings of fried shallots helped to add to the bar snack appeal. Slightly unfortunate that some pieces seemed halved ending up a bit too small. A nice little appetizer.

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soy glazed chicken hearts, fried ginger

Small in stature, but cooked with heart and big on flavour. Pick at these soy glazed chicken hearts topped with strings of crispy fried ginger in-between sips of an ice cold Suntory. Nothing like a frosty mug and chicken parts after a hard day's work.

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Taste: 3.5/5


What used to be the FIVE TEN pop-up is now a full-fledged albeit small eatery, serving the same $5-$10 dishes. Though they’ve also added $15 and $25 (Live Lobster??) options to the menu.

The chicken hearts come highly recommended! Tender and void of any pungency you’d expect of innards, these are a joy to snack on along a sliver of fried ginger.


Recommended by the friendly waitstaff and this was one of our favourites. While the soy-glazed hearts were on the teenie tiny side, it as even more impressive that they weren’t overcooked. Would have preferred if the ginger strips were freshly fried.