Cream the Curry

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I knew it was whipped cream but I didn't expect it to be actually sweet. Tteokbokki was quite decent though I would prefer if it were just a tad softer. Luckily the cream was more of a gimmick in the sense that the curry wasn't too overly sweet and it just nicely creamy. Quite a hearty dish and one of the more filling ones

I loved the combination of the whipped cream and curry which resulted in a curry with a strong milky fragrance and a hint of spice which lingers in your mouth. The taste kind of reminded me of japanese curry. The tteok had a firm and chewy texture, just the way i like it and the beef slices were also tender enough.

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What's hidden within this mix of melted whipped cream and red curry sauce is beef and topokki (Korean rice cakes).
You'll be served this on a hot plate, with whipped cream covering the top. As the plate is further heated, the whipped cream will melt into the red curry resulting in this sauce you see right now.
The whipped cream actually helped to lighten the consistency of the curry, so it's not as gelat not heavy as typical red curry. Quite popular among us that day.


Tasting Hosted by @nynightmarketsg
Location: @nynightmarketsg #01-08 Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive, Singapore 608532
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Cream the Curry โ€” a generous amount of fluffy whipped cream that is stirred in with the red curry to give a hint of sweetness to the savoury curry. Tuck into chewy toppoki, beef slices and green/red peppers, all covered with a thick coating of that indulgent sauce!


In terms of food, you can say it is a menu of popular Western comfort food from fried chicken, pastas, pizzas and stews, many with that unique Korean twist.

The recommended highlights include the 50cm Baguette, Cream the Curry, Finger Steak, and Waterfall Cheese Shrimp doused in cheese fondue on a sizzling hotplate.


Tried a newly opened Korean-western fusion cafรฉ in the West..
UNDER THE SEA: Similar to Japanese style oden soup; quite flavorful with lots of garlic and chilli; seafood sweetness with tinge of spiciness; lots of mussels; few pieces of fish cakes and fish balls..
ROSTI & BEEF: Bulgogi beef paired with rosti with cream cheese added on top; rosti sprinkled with black pepper; beef tasted pretty normal, not too salty but pretty oily, quite thick layer of fats on the meat; cream cheese with mild cheesy taste, suitable for non-cheese lover; a well-complement dish..
CREAM THE CURRY: Red curry tteokbokki with layer of cream on top; the heat "melt" the cream and infused in the curry sauce, giving a slight creamy taste that is not too overwhelming; well-complement dish; fair amount of meat slices; diced bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers in the sauce; didn't know tteokbokki can be cooked in curry sauce; worth to try..
Overall a pretty satisfied meal; the portion of the dishes are pretty small; quality > quantity..
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This is the highlight of our meal at this restaurant. There's tteokbokki, pork slices cooked in curry stew. You can't see them because of the interesting cream all over. So the fire beneath slowly melts the cream away and blends with the curry stew giving it a buttery flavour.