Beef Tongue Sammy

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Finally got to try it, the crispy toast was pretty good, toeing the line between airy and doughy. Beef tongue was veritably tender and generous, and I loved the tang from the gribiche sauce(taste just like mayo tho tbh). Tune your expectations, it's more a homely sandwich than anything.

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Ahh I liked this very much. Read a lot of good reviews for this and expectations were met!! So pricey though, I kept thinking that the Burnt Ends Sanger is just as amazing (totally different flavours I know) and costs only $20 before gst and svc charge. But anyway, truly a must order.


This was really, really good. The beef tongue was soft and juicy and the sammy was both exploding with flavour as well as ingredients. Do note that it is smaller in real life than in most photos though, including this photo I took! I really wish it were bigger to better fit the price point ($26), but it is still a must try. 10/10 ambience and service as well!

Ham steak. Didn’t expect it to be so juicy and flavorful that it melts in your mouth. While everyone order the beef tongue sammy, I think this is one of the must try dishes too.

It is true, it’s as good as it looks, so delicious. I don’t mind having this all by myself.

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Journeyed here with Tim, a fellow foodie (@timtimtokyo) last week for dinner part two (the first was at “Wine RVLT” with other foodie friends) because I was determined to have him try the indecently delicious Beef Tongue Sammy by Chef-owner Keirin Buck but alas, it was not to be. As explained to us, it’s because preparation of the tongue takes about three to fours days and we had trooped in on what’s probably day one of that process. So we decided to find some consolation in the form of this Rose Endive Salad. It did a good job of lifting our down faces.
Plated with fresh ricotta cheese, preserved lemon, arugula, pickled shallots, hazelnuts and a thyme and honey vinaigrette, the endive shone with a pronounced sweetness that made it clear we were savouring it at the peak of its season.
Update: Since then Tim has sunk his chompers in the Beef Tongue Sammy and sung me a note of praise for it.


One of the newest items to hit @lebonfunk’s dinner menu which also came highly recommended by the restaurant’s staff.
Layers of thinly sliced briny beef tongue sandwiched between a punchy sauce spiked with crunchy cornichons, herbs & mustard and pillowy buttered brioche (real good crumb @tanzybra, we’re so proud!). There’s so much meat stuffed between those buns (check 1:1 tongue to brioche ratio), that chunks of filling helplessly fall out whenever we took a bite; but all that’s part of the joy when savouring a sammich - picking at the loose ends off your plate.
Sincerely wishing that this luxurious number will be included in their inaugural delivery menu if and when they should launch one!

PS: Shoutout to @sanchialuke who waited on our table, for your graceful yet outstandingly attentive service that night!

Meet the Beef Tongue Sammy. Launched yesterday at Le Bon Funk, I am pretty sure it’s been blowing minds non-stop since. Because it did exactly that to us tonight.
I swear we nearly collapsed in ecstasy over the insane deliciousness of that pile of quiveringly soft beef tongue. Having been injected every couple of hours with brine, the flavour and tenderness of it is to-die-for. A generous dollop of gribiche (hard boiled egg dressing) and housemade brioche (great work @tanzybra) complete this fantastic ensemble. A must-must-must order.