Fried Yam Cake

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Clockwise: Crab porridge, Crab Meat Chee Cheong Fun, Fried Yam Cakes,Fried Carrot Cakes, Banana mango rolls. Typical nostalgia taste dim sum. Never eaten in the restaurant but overall food quality is not good for this delivery. Oil used was not fresh and fried carrot cakes were oily. You can tell by the colour of the fried items in my photo. Porridge came with crab shells. The only good dish was the Chee Cheong Fun which had the right texture and sauce was good!

Ahh finally got to try 126 and I LAAARVE IT so much better than swee choon. Love the fluffy pau; pork ribs were normal; yam cake was fantastic — was slightly torn between steamed or fried yam cake and decided for steamed for #health and it turned out to be a great decision because then you could really taste and tell the perfect ratio of yam to flour.

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His first time and my 3rd time. The best dish was the fried yam cake (thanks to burppler users' recommendation again!) The other food items were alright but slightly expensive ($23 for all these items!)? Swee Choon dim sum is still my favourite place! #126dimsum #burpple #burpplesg

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My must order dish at 126 every time im here! Goes well with the chili dip they give.