Premium Ribs Soup

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Honestly not bad, but lacks the kick as it isn't peppery enough. Tried their new promotional item - charcoal youtiao ($2++). Didn't taste any different from the normal youtiao, except for the colour and the poster said that charcoal has detoxifying properties so i guess it is good for the body? Used the burpple 1 for 1 and got the prosperity bkt ($7.80++) for free. You can choose any mains of a higher value (not necessarily bkt). Ordered the premium ribs ($11.80++) which were tender. Managed to earn another 2 free drinks (homemade barley $2.50++) after i "recommended" the place on facebook. Spent a total of $28.95 for 2 pax.

Another thing to note is that the reserve button on burpple doesn't work. They don't use the website anymore so you have to call in to reserve if you dont arrive early enough.

Peppery, porky bak kut teh with free-flow soup top-ups to nail rainy day dinners with the family. We like the Premium Ribs Soup ($11.80) that comes with tender, delicious bone-in ribs. Get Burpple Beyond to enjoy a free Popularity Bak Kut Teh ($7.80) with your bak kut teh order!
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Founder offers 4 kinds of bkt - from the low range Popularity bkt ($7.80) made of meatier and tougher chunks of pork to the Premium Ribs ($11.80) where you're given 2 huge slabs of ribs with tender meat and a good amount of fat around. The soup was sufficienctly peppery, not forgetting unlimited refills, and would go very well with a serving of dough fritters or just plain rice.


I always order their premium ribs soup ($11.80) though prices are lower for their standard ribs. Two things I love about this bowl: first, these premium ribs were tender but still retaining a bite; second, though the soup was peppery, the strength of the pepper was not overly strong so the soup was still dominated by the natural sweetness of the pork. I feel this is a fine example of a well-calibrated bak kut teh, one that didn't go overboard on msg and pepper.
Founder's Bak Kut Teh
530 North Bridge Road
Unit 01-01
Singapore 188747
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm daily

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