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As the portion given was quite big, plenty of meat and rice, my friend and I didn’t manage to finish our dons. Taste wise, the beef was a bit salty as you work through the don.


Tokyo Joe, who is in no way related to Cotton-eyed Joe, serves up one stunningly sumptuous rendition of Truffled Gyudon for $22.

An abundance of shabu shabu beef that has been sliced thicker than Yoshinoya slices their bovine is sautéed with enoki mushrooms and caramelized onions in a delectably savory and slightly sweet sauce along with a liberal amount of truffle oil. The palatable pile of pleasure is then piled atop a bowl of steamy Japanese short grain rice with a perfectly poached onsen egg to hold it all together.

Quite frankly, it’s impossible to go wrong with gyudon, and Tokyo Joe does gyudon oh so right. Tender, savory slices of beef paired with mushrooms, rice, an explosive and runny onsen egg with a strong undertone of truffle all throughout? Yep, this is beefy bliss.

Thanks for the invite to this event, Burpple!


First stop of our Savourworld Tour landed us in Tokyo Joe for their Singnature Bara Chirashi, Truffled Gyudon and Sous Vide Chicken Udon! Their chirashi came with a good portion and variety of salmon, tuna, hamachi, scallop, tamago and fish roe. Marination leaned towards a light sweetness but just enough to not mask the natural flavours. Thought the rice was just a tad too sweet and hard for my liking though.

Thank you @savourworldsg for bringing us around on the tour and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙆🏻


Felt q average but glad that the truffle oil wasn't overpowering

Meanwhile their bincho skewers look smoky and really enticing lol


Slices of tender beef with cameralised onion and nameko mushroom, all the things i like, with light hint of truffle oil. Topped with slices of seaweed and pickled ginger, and an oozing onsen tomago. A pleasant delight for red meat lover like me.



From Tokyo Joe at Savourworld — this new Japanese outfit serves out Barachirashi and other Donburi dishes for lunch, while serving up Yakitori and drinks for dinner hours.

Overall the Gyudon is pretty decent, but does have some room for improvement. One particularly stark detail for me was the rice; it feels like it is missing of the stickiness and fluffiness of typical Japanese rice, though it's well-flavoured from the sauce from the stir-fried beef. Other aspects were pretty decent though; savoury slices of flavourful beef that isn't gamey — comes with strips of caramalised onion and mushrooms that gives a juicy, sweet and earthy bite while the pickles does cut through all the savoury flavours. It is also noted that the beef seemed to be stir-fried with chili padi — a strange but welcomed addition that gives it a punchy kick of spiciness that isn't particularly Japanese (but I like 😆). The drizzle of truffle oil seemed to only be concentrated in a certain area of the bowl, and not particularly on the beef but more on the rice — the overall flavours of truffle not particularly strong throughout. The onsen egg is an optional add-on at $2 extra. Not a bad Gyudon to start with, but certainly one that could do with a bit of tweaking to refine the taste and textural aspects of the ends experience.