Jin Chirashi

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Tastes as good as what you'd expect at an upmarket japanese restaurant, but at a fraction of the price. Came with salmon, tuna, scallops, sweet prawns and a tiny piece of uni, all so fresh it took my back to those days in Japan.

Fresh seafood in a bowl - couldn’t ask for more. The prawn was juicy and the salmon melted in my mouth. What was surprising was that the rice itself complimented the seafood very well. It wasn’t normal sushi/Japanese rice but was flavored with sesame. Really good!


Been here so many times, it’s got such great value for money with their promotions! Even without promo they’re still good. The Jin Chirashi is amazing, gives you a little bit of everything.

Fish fresh and quality. Portions are big, for small eaters can share.

Service is impeccable, that’s why fine dining is in the name. Do note though, takeaway not allowed cos it’s sashimi and reduce chances of food contamination.

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The chirashi bowls here are not the most affordable but satisfyingly good! Sashimi slices are fresh and very thick (swipe to see what I mean!); with a good variety - scallop/ amaebi/ tuna/ salmon/ sea urchin/ salmon roe/ tamagoyaki and the lightly seasoned sushi rice was tasty. Will definitely be back!

Didn’t try the soba but the sushi was equally fresh for the sushi mori & soba/udon lunch set ($13.80). Check out both Burpple Beyond and Entertainer for 1-for-1 promotions, and up to 40% discount on Eatigo!

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Loaded with ingredients, even a dollop of uni. I didn't finish and surprisingly was satiated till quite late in the evening. Service was attentive.

Cons: The sashimi was not as cold as one would expect, which was a tad disconcerting.

Overall if you manage to get a friend with a one for one deal or come during the magic eatigo hour where the menu is 50% off, this place is a great steal.

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I’m a huge fan of chirashi bowls and read good reviews about the ones at Jin Fine Dining. Thanks to a very generous eatigo discount, I gave it a try on a Friday night.

The Jin Chirashi (salmon, tuna, scallop, sweet prawn, sea urchin, white tuna and salmon roe) was amazing, with fresh slices of sashimi on a bed of seasoned sushi rice (with mushrooms, seaweed and more). I don’t like salmon roe and was able to change it to salmon, which is my favourite! The usual price is $35 but with eatigo’s varying discounts, it can be a really great deal.

Lunch / 23 April 2018: a lovely work lunch constant for the past 3 years. Jin never disappoints with its fresh sashimi and bountiful ingredients set within its chirashi

I usually come here for a little self indulgence after a tough day at work. Really good value with entertainer app or eatigo (not applicable to omakase or sets). Rudely thick cuts of sashimi fish so it's not for the delicate eaters, but I say bring it on! The escolar (ie. white fish pictured) is a really strange choice t since it is banned in Japan (if even the Japanese don't eat it....😱) Decor is quite basic. 🚞 Easily accessible from telok ayer mrt.

50% (at 6pm) off using the Eatigo app made this such a good deal!!! Asked to swap Tuna for more Salmon and here I’ve got a glorious bowl of Salmon, White Tuna, Amberjack, Sweet Prawns, Uni, Ikura and Scallop, with the sashimi slices all done in lovely thick cuts. Uni was tiny but the quality and freshness was there, just like the rest of the bowl. For the base, instead of the usual plain sushi rice, Jin has their own seasoned rice peppered with bits of mushrooms, seaweed, sesame seeds, etc. Each bowl also comes with miso soup. No prizes for guessing if I will be coming back!