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"B" Burger (&MADE Burger Bistro)

$20.00 · 4 Reviews

Their classic burger is still superb. The dry aged patty is done medium rare and is extremely juicy and flavorful. Much better than almost all compeition at this price point. This rendition of the burger is beautifully simple with just caramelized onions and cheese ensuring you taste the dry aged beef. The skinny fries are also very good and go well with their homemade thick tomato ketchup. Highly recommended.


This is their simplest burger, the "B" burger. I absolutely love the rough cut patty which was perfectly done to my requested medium rare. The simple accompaniments of caramelized onions, Comte cheese and a caper and garlic mayonnaise allow the beef to shine. Simple and perfect

Quite possibly the juciest Patty I've eaten on a burger recently, it was cooked perfectly on the grill. The richness of the mayo and sweetness of the onions were seriously next level. Pity that the bun was a bit too soft for my liking.


French caramelized onions and cheese paired with aged juicy beef patty! Satisfied the burger craving on a sat afternoon. $19.