Tiger Prawns & Scallop Aglio Olio

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I’ve long held the impression that the food at every one of @vinceteng and @phaybulous’ casual dining establishments are discerningly prepared so they are refined and delicious even at the affordable price points.
Being creative, nimble and adaptable, they have recently added a few items to @punch.sg’s Takeaway Menu that will only be around for as long as F&B is disallowed from offering dine-in. And these are really worth getting your hands on.
My favourite of what I got to try would be the ‘PUNCH’ing Gloves, a burger built with the famous potato brioche buns from @burntends_sg. Between the two halves is a beautifully done medium-rare 120g beef patty upon which lies melted Brie cheese, and dressed with spicy tomato mayo & pickled onions. I enjoyed this burger very much for the bracing acidity from the plentiful onions as it gave as good as it got from the rich beefiness. The battle played out on my palate with a great deal of excitement but I proclaim myself the ultimate champion because guess who got to eat it 😌.
For pasta fans, the moreish and dry-style Grilled Tiger Prawns & Scallop Aglio Olio ($19) is sure to satisfy as the spaghetti is cooked with chilli, garlic, olive oil, toasted breadcrumbs for extra body and bite, and finished with parsley.
A cup of Bircher Muesli ($13) was included in one of the delivered bags too. How sweet of @vincteng and @phaybulous to sort out my breakfast for the next day. This lovely and healthy creation with soaked oats, grated apples, sliced mango, Greek yogurt and toasted coconut flakes has been in existence since the opening of their first cafe, The Plain that was located on Craig Road. It was a place I use to visit almost on a weekly basis at one stage.
You can view the full menu at @punch.sg’s link-in-bio and order all of the above via Grab.
But NOT the special PUNCH Fried Chicken. To secure yourself a box or more of this, you will need to WhatsApp: 83984300.
Theirs is not the thick-battered, crunchy kind of coating but more of a thin layer of crisp coating the juicy meat. Included in each set are fries, fried mantou, housemade pickles and spicy tomato mayo. You can pick the 2pc for $16 (Thigh & Drumstick) or 3pc for $21 (Thigh, Drumstick & Whole Wing). If you crave a little extra funky creaminess, there’s a Blue Cheese Dip you can pay $2 more for. And because #friedchicken is arguably best with #beer, why not grab a Little Creatures Pale or a Bright Ale ($8). Do note you’ll need to WhatsApp them a day in advance for the PUNCH Fried Chicken. Here’s the number again: 83984300.

My 2nd visit and this cafe never failed to amaze me. It's just the right balance is savory and spicenss. Impressive! And I'll definitely come back again!


The food and ambience at Punch is incredible although the staff seemed a little overworked during our visit. But nevertheless, good service.

They have a really pretty garden-scape at the rear of the cafe which is great for photos too! 📸: @michellechun_
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Finally got to trying Punch’s heavier meals for lunch, which really turned my perception of the cafe around! The aglio olio is served with three large prawns and a good amount of scallops, all cooked to plump, juicy perfection. But more than that, the spaghetti is dressed with mildly spicy, garlicky flavour in every strand, with a sprinkling of parsley and breadcrumbs for extra oomph and crunch.

A hearty, value for money & comfort aglio olio! For $19, you get 3 tiger prawns (cooked perfectly) & sweet, plump scallops with a good portion of pasta. Loved that they were generous with the garlic & parsley. The added toasted breadcrumbs was a really good move as it created more texture to the dish. I could definitely see myself coming back here for more. ❤️❤️


This aglio olio pasta is my favorite of all my favorite pastas.
Sitting here whilst waiting, the anticipation builds up. The aroma of it being prepared was like a savory perfume...so seductive. After afew minutes, the pasta was brought to me. The look : a golden yellow orangey hue from the pasta, red bright spots from the chilli padi, green specks of herby goodness and light beige from the little bulb that scares off vampires.
The taste : pasta cooked aldente. Somehow it had a touch of smokyness. Prawns were small (wished it was slightly bigger), a tad overdone and scallops seared to golden brown on one side. There were lotsa crunchy garlic pieces which had a wonderful nutty flavor. But my palate was actually screaming for more heat from the chillis.
Prawns and scallops aside, I could just down the pasta on its own. The aroma, the saltyness, the oiliness, the garlicky & the umaminess were just simply addictive.
Truly enjoyed my date with pasta but I missed the ever smiling face of Vincent @punch.gram
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Does not look like the usual aglio olio. This prawn n scallop pasta had a deeper color as compared to normal aglio olio. Cooked aldente and tossed in loads of garlic and chilli padi. Tiger prawns were a little small and a tad over. What was most important was the pasta itself. Seasoning spot on. There was a certain umaminess finish. However a bit more chilli padi woukd have been welcoming to give it that extra kick.