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Nutella Brownie Cheesecake

$4.50 · 13 Reviews

Ondeh ondeh is a must try!!! Nutella Brownie cheesecake was a miss for me. You can give it a try too ☺️ Definitely will be back

Ordered both ondeh ondeh (all time fav) and the Nutella brownie cheesecake. Preferred the ondeh ondeh which is unique, must try!!!!

ahhhh this was super worth it & perfect for a stopover when you’re walking in the hot weather! tried both the small nutella brownie cheesecake & the white chocolate tiramisu! the soft serve is soooo creamy & milky and thick and makes for a super satisfying dessert esp if you have a sweet tooth! the white chocolate tiramisu was super good, with the right balance of chocolate & tiramisu & the nutella brownie cheesecake is perfect if you love chocolate. and it is super worth the price!! (with the burpple 1-1, but even without it, it’ll be worth it!) wouldn’t recommend getting the bigger sized one unless you’re sharing with someone bc this size is perfect!!! before it becomes too much :-) overall 9/10! yums ☺️

$4.50 for this regular size. Consisted of brownie crumbs, chocolate malt powder and Nutella fudge. Well worth the price at 1-1!

The Nutella brownie softserve was smooth & rich with chocolatey flavour accompanied with brownie bits.

The Ondeh Ondeh softserve was unique but yummy. The ice cream had a very coconutty taste, while the pandan and toasted coconut bits added a good balance to the overall taste.

Made use of my burpple beyond deal to get a 1-for-1 for their softserve.

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The base of this dessert was an ordinary chocolate softserve, but the brownie cheesecake bits and Nutella sauce brought the softserve to a whole new level.

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What to expect: hazelnut chocolate soft serve base crowned by chewy biscuit crumbs and a drizzle of Nutella. I’m ambivalent about this. It’s respectably chocolatey for sure, but it’s too sweet. You can literally feel the deluge of sugar buried in the contents. Flavour wise, this is perhaps comparable to a run-of-the-mill supermarket chocolate ice-cream: pedestrian and unremarkable.

🏅 6/10
💭 Can try! It’s Halal!

Would rate it 6/10. I think i should have gotten the ondeh ondeh softserve ice cream which is the most popular choice.

For strawberry cheesecake and blueberry cheesecake softserve,
R : $4
L : $5.50

For smores, apple crumble, nutella brownie cheesecake and ondeh ondeh softserve,
R : $4.50
L : $6

Location : 44 Haji Ln, Singapore 189237


My only regret about this softserve was that I did not get the large cup!! It was rich, chocolately, and I loved the brownie bits hidden amongst each mouthful of the softserve. It was not too sweet, hence though it was rich, it was not overwhelming. The portion was generous as well, and it was the perfect dessert to have in the sweltering hot weather!