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Signature Lava Cookie

$8.50 · 107 Reviews

Second time here!! Somehow it just gets better and better?? I got my usual matcha lava cookie however this time I topped it with black sesame ice cream! The ice cream was fragrant and I could taste the black sesame that had gone into making this gelato. I never knew that black sesame could complement the matcha
lava so well and was truly impressed by it! Tried the iced strawberry sundae tea as well and it was so refreshing!! They even put 2 tea bags inside so that it wouldn’t be that diluted after the ice melted. I will be back for more heheh😚

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Enjoyed having their lava cookie set even before Burpple Beyond, but the 1-for-1 deal further elevated the experience. Their iced tea was unique but I felt that it was mostly average-tasting. Maybe hot would have been a better choice. Had the Earl Grey atop the Matcha lava while Watermelon Rose with Cacao Nibs topped the Chocolate lava. Loved the latter combination as it featured a refreshingly light-tasting ice cream coupled with decadent molten chocolate goodness 🤤

Found the black sesame ice cream to be more than just decent! Loved that the black sesame here is quite intense and rich! However the matcha within the lava cookie was quite sweet, so if you’re a fan of matcha you may wanna avoid this.

This is the price without drinks but for burpple beyond, it comes with a drink. So you get 2 x Lava cookie and 2 x drinks. The ice cream that came together w the cookie for this is a mango passionfruit flavour which turned out to be quite pleasant and addictive. The citrus notes were not too sour and were well complemented by the sweetness of the chocolate within the lava cookie. Do order this to share tho!

$8.80 for a set of ice cream + lava cookie // was in the vicinity and decided to pop by for a cute snack!! got the chocolate lava cookie + speculoos ice cream today — warm, freshly baked cookie that had a sugar cookie crunch like texture around the edges with a gooey center and oozing out chocolate, paired together with the icy cold ice cream (yuck look at me and my lack of a better adjective to describe ice cream) makes for a treat that is mad yumz !!!

Freshly baked cookies topped with ice cream

WeWW LaVA COOKIES!!!! I’ve always wanted to try this so when I knew it was one of the cafes included in Burpple beyond, I knew I had to try it! With the 1-for-1 deal, we ordered two lava cookie sets accompanied by two cups of tea for $12.80. Pretty worth I would say! It was the perfect combination of warm fresh-out-of-the-oven cookie & frozen ice cream. The earl grey ice cream wasn’t too sweet and it went really well with the green tea lava! Truly worth every calorie🤤

Taste: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
Ambience: 7.5/10

We ordered one chocolate lava and one matcha lava cookie. Both tasted great, though we felt the cereal didn’t really compliment the matcha lava cookie. Go for the cookie crumbs instead!

The tea that came with the set tasted a little diluted, maybe because we got the iced tea. You could get the hot tea, which might help the tealeaves/teabags dissolve faster!

I’m not a big fan of crumbly, cakey cookies (more of a fudgy girl myself) so I didn’t end up finishing the cookie. However, I did really enjoy the milk cereal ice cream and the mermaid ice cream. Would recommend a sorbet to go with the cookie, as the milk cereal + cookie combination felt a bit heavy for me.