Signature Lava Cookie

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First of its kind on our tiny red dot - we tried the signature lava cookie set. The fiancé decided on the chocolate molten lava cookie while I decided on the Blue Pea Hokkaido milk ice cream. It's a signature flavour, hence (+$1.50). In total, this set us back at $11. Worth it? YES.

The molten lava cookie was baked to perfection and served right on the skillet that it was baked on. To allow customers to enjoy the lil' theatrics of oozing lava, the ball of ice cream was placed on top of the lava cookie only when served - ie right at our table, before our eyes. Luscious chocolate lava oozed out of the molten cookie as the ball of blue pea ice-cream sits atop. woah.

Blue pea hokkaido ice cream was worth the premium. The blue pea taste was pronounced; not just a colouring effect or marketing gimmick! Natural, true and generous amount of blue pea went into the making of the ice cream and I'm so glad that money and calories wasnt wasted here!

tried some new flavours this time round - black sesame, speculoos and some lemon flavour (can’t rmb the actual name)

for the citrus one, the flavour could definitely be more pronounced as I could only taste the citrus abit here and abit there.

black sesame tasted like the traditional Chinese dessert

Speculoos was not bad, there was crumbs of it within the ice cream

Ordered the chocolate lava cookie with earl grey ice cream. Ideal for sharing to prevent it being too “jelat”.

Catch up over conversations, lava cookies and ice cream with a group of friends at this casual spot. The Signature Lava Set and Drink ($14.80) comes with a generous, not-too-sweet scoop of ice cream atop a warm molten cookie, and a glass of soothing Strawberry Sundae tea.
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One of my favourite dessert spots because it’s so cheap and so good! The chocolate lava cookie never disappoints.

Picked black sesame for my ice cream and it’s an interesting flavour against the bittersweet molten chocolate cookie. At $8.80 per set, it’s a little on the pricey side but the cookie is too good to be given a miss!

i got the kooks signature lava set ($8.80) with the ferrero rocher ice cream (+$0.50) the cookie was rly soft and was served warm which complimented the ice cream rly well. taste super good when eaten tgt esp with the chocolate sauce that was oozing out of the cookie 😍😍however, the cookie portion is pretty small which means that its a lil pricey and idk how ppl share 1 cuz thrs rly not much (or maybe i'm just a fatass that needs 1 by herself 😅) so i decided to order another one!!!! special mentions to the ferrero rocher ice cream flavour bc it was rly good and it paired rly well w the signature lava cookie (choc on choc!!!) so yup.. i still picked that same flavour for the 2nd cookie HAHAHA but would love to try another flavour next time! 🍪

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This café has been on our to-go list for the longest time and we are glad that we finally got to try their signature molten lava cookie! We ordered the kooks signature lava set which came with a chocolate molten cookie and a single scoop of ice cream of our choice – brown butter! 😍

It was so satisfying seeing the gooey molten chocolate spilling out when the scoop of ice cream hits the warm and soft cookie~ The cookie was super buttery and goes perfectly with the nutty and carmalised flavours from the brown butter ice cream. Having both hot and cold sensation from the warm chocolate lava and ice cream in one bite was quite an experience and we totally love it! However, we felt that the molten chocolate might be a bit too sweet for our liking. I think we would be opting for the matcha lava cookie the next time we visit!

Price was $8.80 ish for one ice cream and chocolate lava cookie, always loved the combination of hot and cold together. The cookie really makes you come back for more 🥺🥺🥺