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Signature Lava Cookie

$8.50 · 99 Reviews

We ordered one chocolate lava and one matcha lava cookie. Both tasted great, though we felt the cereal didn’t really compliment the matcha lava cookie. Go for the cookie crumbs instead!

The tea that came with the set tasted a little diluted, maybe because we got the iced tea. You could get the hot tea, which might help the tealeaves/teabags dissolve faster!

I’m not a big fan of crumbly, cakey cookies (more of a fudgy girl myself) so I didn’t end up finishing the cookie. However, I did really enjoy the milk cereal ice cream and the mermaid ice cream. Would recommend a sorbet to go with the cookie, as the milk cereal + cookie combination felt a bit heavy for me.

1-for-1 set + drink ($4-$4.50) with #burpplebeyond!

@kookscreamery does wonders, especially by fixing a disappointing dinner. I underestimated how popular it was until I witnessed the never ending crowd despite limited seating space.

Although there were only 2 options for the lava cookie, signature chocolate and matcha, they have quirky ice cream flavours such as the mermaid spirulina, and the blue chai Hokkaido milk. Surprisingly, the lightly floral blue chai Hokkaido milk flavour was a perfect marriage of flavours with the slightly bitter matcha lava. While the other set we had was a chocolate explosion, as the cold classic rich dark chocolate melted into the warm milk chocolate lava that was oozing out of the warm cookie.

Each cookie is made upon order, hence a short waiting time should be expected. It breaks instantly as the scoop of ice cream sits on top, and watching the molten lava oozing was quite comforting. While I enjoyed the chewy texture and a buttery aroma of the cookie, I also noticed the different toppings they had for different ice cream like cookie crumbs and corn flakes. Each #burpplebeyond set comes with a serving of tea, ranging from black, green to fruit tea, which we welcomed for cleansing palates. I am happy to have found my motivation to travel to Serangoon. 😄

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Burpple 1 for 1 signature set that came with their signature ice cream on lava cookie with drink.

Tried chocolate cookie for both set and it tasted so good with both selection of ice cream (mint chocolate and dark chocolate) and a cup of tea. Love both combination with their selection of tea.

$13.30 for 2 cookies with icecream + drinks using Burpple Beyond, really worth! The matcha lava one was delicious!

loves ittt! Im glad that we came all the way to try this out! The earl grey icecream goes well with the lava cookies. Would definitely come back to eat again!


We used Burpple Beyond's 1-for-1 to get two lava cookie sets + drink, total ~$15. In my opinion, the drinks are rather expensive on their own (the only drink options were $4-$5 for a cup of hot water with teabag). The cookies (we got matcha and chocolate) was soft on the inside and crunchy outside, with the right amount of sweetness. The ice cream flavours we picked (black sesame and ferrero rocher) were delightful as well! However the service was rather disappointing. The only server there was cold and aloof while taking our orders (despite us being the only patrons at that time!) and when the lava set was ready, she quickly dumped the ice cream into the cookie in a quite a hasty and distasteful fashion before disappearing into the kitchen again 😪. Would recommend perhaps trying the Kooks outlet at the Cathay instead 😅

Brought my large group of friends to try out KOOK's Creamery, and the lava cookie with single scoop ice cream and hot tea ($12.80 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) never disappoints. We order 6 cookies with ice cream, and hence tried a plethora of flavours that includes Thai Milk Tea, Blue Chai Hokkaido Milk, Arabica Coffee, Speculoos, Earl Grey and Dark Chocolate.

All of the flavours were good, but the best combination I feel will be either the Earl Grey or the Arabica Coffee with the chocolate cookie. This is because both flavours are not on the sweeter side, and the fragrance of tea or coffee adds a contrasting element to the dessert as the cookie is really sweet and heavy. All 11 of us left happy!


Speculoos ice cream with chocolate lava cookie was on point. Perfect combination for those who like an overall chocolatey/cookie flavour!

Love the chocolate lava cookie here. Chose the Earl grey ice cream and preferred eating it separate from the cookie. The tea comes brewed from a tea bag and can be served iced/hot. Probably best to get it hot as it tasted strange cold. Will still be back for the lava cookie! 👍🏻

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