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Signature Lava Cookie

$8.50 · 127 Reviews

For fans of KOOKS Creamery’s offerings of handcrafted ice-cream on oozy signature molten lava cookies, you’ll be glad to know that you can now pre-order them via their online store - kookscreamery.com. There is free Islandwide delivery with min. $65 spend, or if not self collection is available as well at their Serangoon outlet.

That said, featured is the Mermaid Spirulina Ice Cream atop Chocolate Lava Cookie that i had before the circuit breaker. The ice cream is actually mango passionfruit flavour mixed with the superfood spirulina, with a white chocolate mermaid tail topping. Tastewise the ice cream was zesty and pretty refreshing, and the combination with the hot chocolate lava and warm cookie made this a delightful treat!

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Nice warm cookie with rich matcha oozing out. The berry sorbet was on point but personally found the cornflakes abit of a distraction.

This cafe getting from bad to worse. Not only has the cookie got smaller, a flavour as basic as ferrero rocher came tasteless.

We had an earl grey & matcha cookie with Valentine’s Day tea, and a speculoos & chocolate cookie with sea wolf apple tea. It was warm, moist and delicious! As expected from Kooks (: try it!!! $13.30 with 1-1.

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First time trying lava chocolate cookie here. Waited around 10 minutes as all the cookies were baked upon order i think. Good variety of ice cream flavours. This one was the ferrero rocher ice cream. Would prefer if the cookie itself was abit softer but the ice cream was really not bad! Paid less than $10 for this.

Is it me or their cookies became smaller? Last time it was jelak to eat one. This time I felt I could eat two. Nougat was fine, but for some reason none of the ice cream flavours is outstanding.

I mean, speculoos is usually fine. For some reason none of the ice cream flavours is outstanding. I guess that's why they're known for lava cookies. They use bitter chocolate fyi, which isn't really my thing.

The lava was a tad sweet but ice cream was nubad at all (:

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When we came across the word lava, we thought it was lava cake. Ends up it was lava cookie! When the waitress place the ice cream on the cookie, we can see the chocolate overflowing. We tried earl grey and milk cereal ice cream👍