Prawn & Spicy Chorizo Pasta

$22.00 · 2 Reviews

With their set menu at $60 per pax, which gets you an appetizer, main and dessert, I get to order for two and pay for one! A dish that you should absolutely get when here is their Prawn & Spicy Chorizo Pasta, which comes with a chock full of ingredients, something that you will not normally expect from other places. You will be delighted to see numerous chunks of de-shelled tiger prawns, slices of chorizo and a substantial amount of linguine that will definitely fill your tummy up. Not to mention, each strand of pasta has latched onto the tomato coulis so that each slurp of the pasta, you will get the light and sour-sweet tomato flavour note while the sauce brings along some heat down to the back of your tongue.
Address: 1, Unity Street, Park Hotel Clarke Quay, Level 1, Singapore 237983


When our host talked about how much she loved this pasta (and that she would come back on weekends to eat this!), I knew that we have to order this even though it wasn't originally in our tasting menu.
And I loved it too. That spicy chorizo was so shiok with that much heat to it. But having the chorizo together with the linguine with tomato coulis, capers and parmesan helped to mute the spiciness and gave it some sweetness. It's also loaded with lots of deshelled tiger prawns.