Uni Oyster Shot

$25.00 · 2 Reviews

🤪 #wordsofasinglefemale
Eating this big fat New Zealand oyster (almost palm-sized!) on its own would’ve been blissful enough. Having it with that generous lobe of Aka uni and a spoonful of ikura on top for this Uni Oyster Shot ($25) sent my tongue into culinary orgasmic spasms. I admit to letting out a few appreciative moans of umami pleasure while chewing - trust me, it’s uncontrollable.
Many thanks to @Burpple for the invite and @theprsalon for the wonderful meal! #Burpple

Happy sighs and grunts throughout our whole meal as we were fed with an extensive range of uni dishes! Here's the Uni Oyster Shot - a luxurious mouthful of a plump New Zealand oyster topped with aka uni and ikura. Flavour of each element was clean and distinct along with a refreshing light lemon zest. Uni Gallery has fresh shipments brought in from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market every other day, so it’d be best to drop them a call to check what's available before heading down. Their spot is also a little ulu, but just head on to The Plaza, round the corner behind Park Royal Hotel. And psst, catch them during lunch for reasonably priced uni bowls!

A huge thank you to @unigallerysg for the dinner, Frederic from @theprsalon for hosting us and @burpple for the kind invite! 🙇🏻‍♀️✨