Hong Kong Milk Tea

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All our favourites from @tsuiwahsingapore.
Clockwise from the middle:
- HK-style Curry Chicken with Rice
- Deep Fried Wantons
- Luncheon Meat & Scrambled Egg Sandwiches (excellent with their chilli oil)
- Steamed Broccoli
- Braised Abalone Sauce Rice with Chicken & Kale
- Mala Sliced Chicken Soup with Rice Noodles 💯
- Kagoshima-style Braised Pork Cartilage in Fish Soup with Rice Noodles 💯
Drinks here are super authentic tasting, I’ll always have the Milk Tea, which really transports me back to the time when I worked in Hongkong.
They also have a Chef’s Recommendation Set Menu which feeds 4 persons quite substantially for $60.

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Lauded and rightfully, but not for everyone. The tea taste is v clear, and the milk taste really taste a back seat. sweetness is toned down too, for you to enjoy the tea. Very different from your normal milk tea with lots of condensed milk, and most people should enjoy it, but I've got a massive sweet tooth and love cream so not rlly my thing

Milk tea by legit Hong Kong joints is just different. Perfect balance of tea and sweet.

The bun really stood out on its own. It was thick, nicely buttered and toasted. Remained crispy to the last bite. Pork chop was boneless, which made it easy to bite compared to Tai Leo Loi Kei. It was also less salty. The charred edges of the pork chop was tasty, otherwise the other parts were just normal. On the overall still an enjoyable meal because of the outstanding bun. The iced milk tea ($4++) had nothing to shout about. They have a $25++ two pax set lunch meal for weekdays currently.

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The only thing i like is the milk tea. Everything else is average (considering the waiting time). Pork chop at TTLK (Tai Lei Loi Kei) is wayyyy better - both in terms of taste and crispiness.

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When we visited over the weekend, there wasn’t any queue although it was pretty packed. And yes, thumbs up for their condensed milk bun and pork chop bun that were delicious. Especially the former that simply popped in its harmonious mix of sweet and savoury tastes.
We will totally return just for these buns and a cup of milk tea for an afternoon treat.

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Yummy to the max the bun! The condensed milk was overflooding the bun (its dripping everywhere when I was eating 😏) Love the cup they served for the milk tea, so cuteeeee! #igdaily #igsg #sgig #latergram #hongkongfood #hkfood #milktea #toasts #crispybun #tsuiwahsg #clarkequay #sgfood #sgfoodie #cutecup #weekends #burpple #burpplesg #tsuiwahrestaurant翠華餐廳

If you’re unfamiliar with this drink, it’s an equal mix of the HK milk tea with coffee. This drink was one of the most fragrant drinks I’ve had, while not being overbearingly sweet. The strong tea flavor hits you first and you can tell it’s been brewed for an extended period of time but it slowly resolves at the end to the subtle bitterness of the coffee, which is quite potent as well. The richness of the milk also comes through in the drink and I would order it over and over again.

We ordered a couple of other dishes to try such as the

- king prawn XO sauce noodles ($11)
- wonton soup ($8)
- beef brisket soup with noodles ($10.50)
- chicken curry ($11)
- pork chop with fried rice ($13)

as well as the unmissable crispy bun with condensed milk ($4 for 2 half buns) accompanied with tea.

While all of the food were tasty, I personally liked the chicken curry best and of course the XO sauce for the noodles (really good!). The spring roll fish soup was okay, light but nothing special - although the fish spring roll tasted different from the ones outside. Condensed milk bun was really savory (take it while it's hot!). The milk tea was okay as well, we had to add our own sugar.

Overall, the service of Tsui Wah was really quick as we did not wait too long for our food to arrive. Though I wouldn't give it a 5 stars, you should still give it a try when you're in the area.

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