Chicken Rice Risotto

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Dinner / 15 June 2018: the Italians and Chicken rice sellers will flip but lovers of Mui fan will love this dish which was basically a nice porridge broth with lots of chicken

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Don’t let the name fool you, this risotto isn’t a spin on our popular Hainanese chicken rice. Instead, you’ll find a particularly comforting bowl of al dente risotto in a flavourful mix of tender chicken chunks and kai lan cooked with white wine and garlic. While it is a tasty dish, it felt more like it’d make an awesome meal if I had the flu or something, and not something I’d order at a brewery.


Comforting dish of chicken cubes and Kailan, chock full of ingredients that you get a piece of chicken and chopped kailan with every mouthful. Really appreciate the chopped stems of the kailan, as it gives a good texture to the dish.