Canadian Lobster Wonton Egg Noodles

$50.00 · 2 Reviews

One of the dishes I enjoyed very much is the Canadian lobster with wonton egg noodles.
Exuberantly fragrant from the abundance of ginger and spring onions, there is great depth of flavour in every bite because the sauce coats the chopped up chunks of lobster, and is fully absorbed into each strand of the fine noodles. I consider this dish a must-try but do note it can be quite expensive as it’s under the “live seafood” section of the menu. Hence the weight-based pricing.
I must confess I felt a little underdressed in my t-shirt, cardigan and jeans because“Madame Fan” is drop-dead glamorous. It is the first restaurant to be opened in Southeast Asia by well-known restaurateur Alan Yau O.B.E. or “Officer of the Most Excellent Order” (I love this title because it sounds like something straight out of Harry Potter). He earned it from his ability to cast a spell over all of Britain to get them to appreciate noodles via his Wagamama food chain. The other restaurants launched by him, such as the Michelin starred Hakkasan, dimsum-focused Yautcha and Park Chinois (I see a striking resemblance in the bold opulence concept of this place and Madame Fan), have helped put Chinese cuisine on the map in that part of the world.
Not that I am complaining but in the words of a millennial, this venue can be described as a little “extra”. Why do I say that? Well, when was the last time you saw actual candles burning in real candelabras? Plus the resident DJ in his elegant Chinese robe looked like he had stepped out of a “Wong Fei Hung” movie (so much so that I mistook his mixing console as a “gu zheng” at first glance 😂). So yes, I would say Madame Fan has a strong identity for sure.
Last but not least, here’s a shoutout to Benjamin for his awesome service.


One of of my favorites on the menu is a large Canadian lobster blasted in a well-seasoned wok with fresh ginger and slivers of spring onion ($17/100g). Mixed with slim wanton noodles, this is quintessential Chinese cuisine elevated to the nth degree. A win-win as I see it.

With gobs of roe and a deliciois mellow flavor mixed in every bite, this should be the top of anyone's order chit.