Oyster Omelette

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I’ve been wanting to try The Salted Plum for the longest time ever and I finally managed to make a reservation on a weekday night💪🏻
The star of the night is definitely Joey’s Lala ($10), which is lala (clams) stir fried with Taiwanese pesto and pork croutons. The pesto is super fragrant and addictive - we polished every bit of that delish sauce. So good!
The Braised Cabbage with Bamboo Shoots and Minced Pork ($10) come off as slightly salty at first, but the strong flavours grew on me and it turned out to be a great match with the velvety sweet potato congee ($3). I like that the bamboo shoot did not have a weird earthy taste and its crunchiness complemented the soft cabbage. .
The Oyster Omelette ($15) comes with very big and plump oysters that are fresh and not fishy. The Kao Rou or Taiwanese Grilled Pork Belly ($15) is on the sweeter side and I felt that it could be a little softer, though the charred flavour is there. The Lu Rou or Braised Pork Belly ($15) is soft and flavourful, but the cut is a little too fat for my liking. It‘ll be nice if the ratio of fat and lean meat can be more balanced.
Overall, The Salted Plum did a pretty good job reinventing traditional Taiwanese dishes and is worth a try! As the place is usually packed, do come on weekdays instead of weekend (and make a reservation!) to avoid long wait time:)


Nestled in a two-storey shophouse along Circular Road, @thesaltedplumsg is actually a reincarnation of the now-defunct @fivetensg. They offer Weekday Lunch Bowls that go from $10 onwards and several Taiwanese tapas dishes that are priced at $5, $10 or $15! For a complete Tze Char experience, be sure to order their “Shiny Rice” drizzled with lard and garlic oil, or their comforting sweet potato congee!

Featured are their new menu items that were recommended by @foodkingnoc.
👉Kao Rou | Taiwanese Grilled Pork Belly | Garlic Chips👈
👉Lu Rou 2.0 | Haus Sauce 2.0👈
👉Lala | Taiwanese Pesto | Pork Croutons👈
It was a pity that the Oyster Omelette and Sweet Potato Congee went out of stock even though we were there at around 7 PM 😞.

Although the food, in general, was slightly too oily for my liking, they were still really tasty and packed with flavours. Soaked in exquisite Dang Gui sauce, their tender Lu Rou continues to be my favourite dish there.

P.S. Be sure to make a reservation before heading down 😉.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sauce is mouth-watering and not too salty. Though it had melt in the mouth fats but the meat wise, yes it's soft but the texture a bit old. Got me to chew quite long. Macam training jaw muscle.🙄
Don't really like it.😐
Oyster Omelette($15) here steal my heart away with its savoury egg with juicy oyster.😍
With one side having a crisp texture while the inner is retain moist with overflowing eggy taste accompany by mushy oyster.
Silken Tofu($10) topped with Sichuan Minced Meat & Leek had a good contrast in taste as under the perfectly crispy outer skin lies silky soft and smooth plain tofu. While mix with the salty spicy minced meat, it create a harmonic balance to the tofu.😄
Salted Egg Baby Prawn($10) is crunchy and spicy but I felt the salted egg taste was not strong enough. Nonetheless, it make a great snack.
Lastly, a decanter of the refreshing Salted Plum drink($10) is all we need to aid in digestion from all these food.
🚩The Salted Plum, 10 Circular Rd, Singapore 049366
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Oyster omelette was one of the really good dishes I’ve tried. It is comforting, tasty and filling, and will suit everyone’s palate and wallet just fine


Also from the supper menu, go for the Oyster Omelette! Plump oysters, very fluffy egg without the starchy bits that we’re used to, and a tad greasily sinful (cooked with lard lol but hey you’re already having supper so why not go all the way?). And the chilli on the side was so addictive!


I’m not a big fan of Taiwan’s oyster omelettes for it’s too sweet and starchy, but I’m all for Salted Plum’s rendition. It had a touch of sweetness with a fragrant savouriness from the generous lard used + oysters were plump! The omelette’s available on their Supper Menu (Friday and Saturday from 11pm to 2.30am).

Thank you @thestaltedplumsg for having us over for @burpple’s eatup!


Oyster Omelette ($10)
The fluffy oyster omelette, cooked with lard, doesn’t need much to convince me that the calories are worth the while