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Decided to pay a visit to the much highly acclaimed Seven & Ate for their popular pork burgers and boy, did it live up to every bit of the hype. Located along Horne Road, this 8 month old eatery serves burgers, rice bowls and an array of appetisers like fried jalapeños and nacho chips. There is also a bar counter for those who drink. The decor of the restaurant is tastefully done, coupled with good music to create a warm atmosphere (albeit a little dark in some areas).

I went for what seemed to be a crowd favourite, the Jam & Eggs (S$15) and opted for fries instead of nachos for an additional top-up of S$1.50. The fries were super crisp yet delicate in the centre and came with a tub of home-made tomato ketchup which was sweet, tangy and provided a nice bit of freshness to the crinkle-cut fries. The burger packed a double layer of their signature honey mustard pork patties, (all burgers come with at least two patties) a fried egg, bacon jam and a generous amount of "egg fritters". The pork patties were very well executed, each being juicy, flavourful and so tender, to the point where it began to fall apart in my hands. These patties were so delicious, they could definitely hold their own against their beef counterparts. The sunny-side up had a runny yolk which provided an awesome creaminess to the whole dish. However, what really elevated this particular burger for me was the egg fritters and bacon jam. The egg fritters were greasy, sinful but oh-so-yummy and exploding with egginess. The bacon jam was sweet and smoky, reminiscent of barbeque sauce and complemented the saltiness and oiliness of the rest of the toppings perfectly. I can see why this is indeed a popular choice with customers. My tablemate ordered their Peppa Pig (S$15), which featured jalapeños and mayo atop the patties and was equally excellent.

Each component of the burgers has had obvious thought and care put into it to create a truly awesome rendition of this dish. And of course, Burpple Beyond has made a meal here extremely value-for-money, so remember to add this to your list of foodie haunts for great food and a fun time with friends and family.

Air-conditioning ☑️
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Seven & Ate
78 Horne Road
Closed on Mondays
Opens only from 4pm onwards

If you are feeling carnivorous and in the mood for burgers, here’s the place to go. With at least double pork patties in all their burgers, Seven & Ate has surely got something to offer with their burger creations. Those chargrilled patties had a good smokiness without any gamey taste, which is a plus point!

A little sweetness from the house made bacon jam added to the savoriness from the meat, the oozy fried egg sprinkled with spices and wow, egg fritters. Crispiness between the 2 fluffy buttered buns. Each burger comes with some nachos as sides. Despite being corn based chips, the thin nachos didn’t have overly strong corn taste. In fact, they went really well with the Parmesan cheese shavings, the barbecue sauce and the sriracha sauce-like dips! Could get really hot though.

Thanks to #burpplebeyond, we saved $15 for the other Double P’s burger!

Seven & Ate has revamped their menu and it’s now much more burger-centric; a great thing because all their burgers that I’ve tried have been great! They only use pork for their burgers, making for really moist and tender patties. The Jam & Eggs was one of my favs with an oozy egg and funky, crunchy bacon jam. It’s a mess for sure, but well worth the clean up. 👅💦💦


Hardcore #eggporn here with Seven & Ate's double pork patties topped with a moreish home-made bacon jam, crisp yet squishy deep-fried egg fritters and a gloriously runny egg. This is an anytime breakfast burger for champions. McMuffin, eat your heart out...

Thanks for the invite @burpple and @sevenate.sg for hosting!

Taste: 4/5


Remember watching a buzzfeed video “glorifying” this extraordinary pork burger at one of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen and I thought to myself- pork burgers are less common aren’t they? But they look real real good.
When Seven & Ate’s burgers came out sequentially at this Eat Up, it felt like a video physically materialising before my eyes first visually then taste wise.
The pork patties here off the charts IMHO; to be fair I haven’t tried many pork patties but the ones here are meaty enough without being strongly gamey. All other components elevated the already stellar burger according to your preference. For example if you like eggs and a slightly sweetened component in your burger- the above is for you.
The delicious burger buns here are made by the bistro-bar’s Friend baker contact; a testament to the quality of smaller scale bakers.

This was an invited tasting courtesy of Seven & Ate; thank you for feeding us and Burpple for the invite!

Another burger I really liked! Although ours was somehow very crumbly, the sweetness from their house-made bacon jam ‘zhng-ed’ up the whole burger. With double pork patties, egg fritters (yes! The kind you get in your sliced fish soup) and a fried egg, it was a good mix of savoury and sweet flavours that you can keep digging into without feeling jelak.

Thank you @sevenate.sg for the lovely dinner and @burpple for the invite!