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Pulled Pork Kolo Mee

$14.00 · 15 Reviews

Pork is flavorful. But somehow is not the same as I remembered the last time I had it.
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All you need is one bite to understand why the chef says he’ll get so much backlash if this was ever taken out of the menu. Springy noodles topped with a generous amount of moist, flavour-packed pork shreds plus a dollop of a most punchy chilli sauce (you can ask for more) – pretty simple but every element’s well executed.


My Friend has the Pulled Pork Kolo Mee which in her opinion was good and appetising! Slightly spicy though!

My avocado and egg toast was quite small for the price and the added spinach side was way too salty that I had to wash it with water to finish it.

Service was quite good, after we provided the feedback that the spinach was too salty, the cook came out to apologise and offered to offset that dish.

Fusion dish done well :) poached egg and pulled pork together with kolo noodles is perfect. Bowlful goodness.


Springy noodles, shredded chicken pieces, an onsen egg and the power chilli.
So I am having this again. Still liked the noodles. Egg was flowy. Lo and behold! There was mashed avocado which was cold. I somehow felt there was a bit of a disconnect. I like avocado but to me it felt out of place. The chilli was still as fiesty and flavors still the same.
Hot noodles and cold avocado don't tango in my book. It was the reason why I pushed it aside. But I still enjoyed the kolo mee.

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Wished that the mee was less soggy and the pull pork more tender


Yes, you heard it right. I made it to this Aussie styled cafe to have this and boy, oh boy, it was delicious. Now I know why @veronicaphua and @singaporeliciouz rave about this. That killer chilli with the egg reminded me of the chilli pan mee over the causeway and until the famous one from Batu Road makes its way to China Square area, this certainly satisfied my cravings.


So what is my bowl of kolo mee saying to you? "I feel springy. Toss, mix, twirl or stretch even! Make sure I am smothered in all the seasonings, the oils and lotsa spicy chilli."
Yes.... this is rather tasty. Pulled pork had a slight crisp at the sides. The egg was a tad overcooked. The chilli is damn shiok! I actually asked for more chilli which they obliged. Dumped the extra chilli in and did another round of tossing. Chilli-gasm literally. So addictive!
Portion is generous. Can be shared among two. Me, myself and I got alittle "jelak" after finishing three quarters of the bowl. Noodles only. Chilli and pork were wiped out.

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This may seem rather out of place on the menu at The Hangar but trust me, it is super legit.
Piled on the big heap of al dente, skinny egg noodles is a heap of deliciously-seasoned, dryish shredded pork. There’s also a runny-yolked egg, teeny-tiny crunchy ikan bilis and a scalp-prickling chilli paste that go into this dish. Make sure you give everything a good toss before digging in - it tastes best that way.
I always ask for extra chilli but it is quite a killer. So on your first visit, I’d suggest you try the noodles with the standard amount of chilli first.