Spam Fries

$9.00 · 8 Reviews

Ordered the Spam Fries, Three Pigs burger + Bacon & Jam burger

Patties were soft and easy to eat
Don’t miss the spam fries for appetizers
Should use Burpple Beyond for rice/quinoa bowls or burgers
Space is quite big and could be good for group gatherings

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If there’s only ONE Spam Fries you’ve gotta choose. It has to be the one here - that’s worth paying more for.


Mad love for these insanely good spam fries that are incredibly crisp on the outside yet all soft, fluffy meatiness within. Nary a single stodgy or burnt stick in sight and probably the best I’ve had.

Thanks for the invite @burpple and for hosting!

Taste: 3.5/5

The modus operandi for fried food here is the above crumbly crunch bites of a batter. It made the spam fries and scotched quail eggs a delight to start off with. But just a preempt, these will render your plans for a “clean diet” completely obsolete for they are sinfully good therefore difficult to resist.

These goodies were part of an invited tasting; thank you Seven & Ate for the cool hospitality and Burpple for the invite!


They’ve really nailed their fried dishes here at Seven & Ate. Loved the batter on these spam fries - super crunchy exterior that wasn’t greasy and won’t make you feel jelak!

Thank you for the lovely dinner and @burpple for the invite!


Love the presentation of it coming in a spam can to remind you of how sinful each of these sticks are... I still think the Chinese luncheon meats taste better than these versions, but the batter and crunch you get from this dish is spot on!


Priced at $9, this tin of spam fries is breaded before it’s deep fried. It’s served with a mix of mayo and barbecue sauce. Quite an interesting mix.

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The name of this dish doesn’t need much explaining. Other than slices of spam and breaded spam fries, there are also cubes of spam in the pancake. Nice blend of flavours too. You might want to consider Sharon this as it’s quite filling. $16