Roasted Mushrooms + Crème Fraîche Open-Face Toast

$8.00 · 13 Reviews

A hearty brunch that is healthy and tasty! 🤩Quite a big portion, very worth with burpple beyond. The generous avocado spread with the slightly salty egg is not just a feast for the eye but an explosion of flavour for the tastebuds!!

Had this on 21 April 2021
👦🏽🍴:Roasted mushrooms + cremefraiche
👧🏻🍴:Avo and egg toast
📍: The Social Space
🚇: Outram
Damage :💸💸
Taste :⭐️⭐️
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Roasted Eggplant + Miso Dressing // Roasted Mushrooms + Creme Fraiche

The mushroom toast just tastes exactly like what you’d expect - no surprises. But THE EGGPLANT - damn that’s a really good one. Complex flavours and very 开胃 😍👌🏻

Double open face roasts for $14. Pricey? Yes. Delicious? Also a yes! They know how to make simple food taste good.

Got this as part of the toast with drink set deal on burpple beyond. Mushrooms were fragrant but maybe more cheese or creme fraiche could have made it a little less dry. I enjoyed this a lot nonetheless 👍🏼 thanks to burpple beyond for the good deal

$16 | Double Toast Avo + Egg
$16 | Double Toast Roasted Mushrooms + Creme Fraiche

So excited to finally try TSS! We got the roasted mushroom and creme fraiche ($14 for 2). I love bread and the biggest draw for me was the sourdough base!! It was soft and chewy with a crisp shell and had just the barest hint of acidity. The roasted mushrooms were well seasoned, and I loved the melted cheese. Am not the biggest fan of creme fraiche but this one was alright! A little pricey for 2 slices of toast but they were delicious and a rather large portion 👍🏼

Roasted mushrooms + creme fraiche toast ($14 for 2, $8 for one slice) was amazinggg the cheese on top had the flambé-d taste so fancy but legit pretty decent. They didnt have enough mushrooms for double slice so we got an extra of the egg+avocado toast HAHAHA (good service too since they even offered to slice it for us cuz they knew we were sharing!! so it became a sampling platter HAHHA)
but ho my let me tell you about the toasted banana + peanut butter ($10 for 2) HAHAHA the peanut butter on the bread is legittt not the skippy kind. It’s probably some atas "peanut only" kinda brand and wow its so peanuty HAHAHHAA DELICIOUS and yes the toasted coconut flakes were definitely a plus :> and it was crispy, not hard/stale. They sprinkled some salt on it so was a bit weird at first but i guess it kinda works cuz the bananas were vv sweet.
Burpple for this if not tbh too ex for just toast.
📍The Social Space
Nearest MRT: Outram

and also shoutout to their layout and general atmosphere its pretty well lit for a cafe and rather conducive for studying WOULD RECOMMEND. They even have ecofriendly merchandise for sale!

Really aesthetic toasts!! The avo + egg toast was a little underwhelming and bland and lacked the oomph factor. However, the roasted mushrooms + crèmè fraîche toast was really distinctive and well-seasoned. Would be back to try their smoothie bowls!!

Taste: 7.5/10
Presentation: 8/10
Ambience: 8/10

We use Burpple Beyond to get 1-for-1 for double open sandwiches. Chai Latte ($6) is delicious but might be too much spice for people who just want simple milk tea. No service charges or GST. This is the place to come when you want some simple but nice food. The vibe here is chill and relaxing. It wasn’t too crowded when I visited at 1pm Sunday. Perfect for reading books and get things done at the high table near window and get inspiration from watching people on the street.