Smoothie Bowl

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we got the 1 for 1 set of smoothie bowl + lemonade for $19 (gst included). ordered tough nut and tropicana. both are really refreshing with really sweet/fresh fruits! smoothie was on the slightly watery side but the bananas thicken up the consistency so it’s still really easy to eat! the lemonade was also neither too sweet nor too sour- a p good balance to the bowls!! q a satisfying portion for breakfast :) also after you’re done u can go take a look at their eco friendly store and zero waste section (amazingly CLEAN toilet too i love)

This bright blend of red dragonfruit, papaya & banana in soy milk had such a thick consistency🤩 - not just loaded with ice🙄 The honey drizzle was also a great switch-up from my usual nut/cookie butters! 🍯

However, I do find the bowls small for their original price at $12 each.

1-1 Burrple deal. Quite worth it, very filling. Tropicana is great

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I tried the Tropicana bowl which is a blend that contains mango banana and pineapple. This was rather basic like what you would expect for in a smoothie bowl. Not the most mind blowing but definitely yummy. If you love acai or smoothies you’ll definitely love this place. I must mention that the fruits are soaked in honey which is great for those who find Kiwis too sour and dragon fruit bland (me lol).

I would go back again with the deal because $14 for a bowl of blended fruits is a bit too pricey considering that the bowl is not that big. But great ambience! And the eating time allowance is 2hours so it’s great for a catch-up with a friend.

Rating: 7.5/10
- Charis

Had a nice time catching up with my friend while chilling out with yummy smoothie bowls (pink flamingo and berry berry good) 😋😋 nice service too!

1-1 smoothies bowl deal
ordered a berry berry good bowl and tropicana, lovely place to chill on an afternoon with good curated playlist!

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Ordered Mango and Berry smoothie bowls.
Worth it for the price of 1 for 1. I prefer the mango smoothie due to its sweetness.
Waiting time after placing order is about 20mins due to preparation time for the smoothie.
Please note due to Covid-19, the limit of sitting time for each table is 90mins on weekends and 120mins for weekdays.

Got the tropicana and berry berry good smoothie bowl w lemonade. Personally i liked the tropicana a bit better as the berry berry good bowl was a tad bit too sour for me HAHA. Was real refreshing thoOooO

Smoothie bowl of granola, coconut flakes, matcha, banana, spinach, avocado, mint, coconut milk and honey. Quite yummy!

1 for 1 smoothie burpple deal! Nice smoothie with cold brew tea of the day ~ great ambience and the social enterprise product section has many pretty items