Signature Angus Hamburg Rice

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$22 for a generous serving of Angus Hamburg beef bowl and an intensely rich seafood meesua meal that requires you to slurp up much of the broth in order not to waste the bits of crab meat swimming about... worth it!

As pictured, double hamburg steak with bonito flakes and truffled deviled eggs - each component fared well on its own, but did not seem to complement each other! The truffle in the eggs was lost with the strong hamburg sauce. Better to eat each separately. Good but go for the Mac and cheese instead!


This ($14) was quite good but it did not stand out compared to other Hamburg rice bowls I’ve tried. The burger patty is tender but not dry at all. It goes well with the Japanese rice and egg mayo too.

I adored the Hamburg here more than the Angus patty in our cheese burger; the former was more tender and easy to savor for a lady palate like mine. That said both were filled with Angus beef meat with minimal processing; coming in a standard medium doneness for a nice pink reddish hue. If this isn’t luxurious enough the truffled egg mayo like component definitely elevates the identified dimension.
With #burpplebeyond this was made affordable 😋

Who can resist angus hamburg especially for me who love to eat it in Asian style (with rice). $14 with no GST & service charge.


Very comforting dish. The truffled eggs were just nice with a slight hint of truffle and not overwhelming at all. The hamburg was also very juicy and tasty. A steal at $14!

As if Katong is not ulu enough, this bistro is a real hole in the wall as it shares a space with a furniture store in I12 Katong. Nonetheless, the journey was well worth it with the warm service provided and excellent food served.

The Kimchi Konnyaku ($6, top left) is a great starter to wet your appetite without being overly sour or spicy. Unlike the styles of traditional Korean, this is milder with additional chewiness from the konnyaku jelly. The Spanish pork neck with grape reduction ($7.50, bottom right) was a slight disappointment, however, with the pork being a little tough and dry but was still tasty and it pairs really well with the grape reduction which helps to cut the pepperiness.

Going down to the real deal, the beef dishes here are a must-try. The Angus 150 days grain-fed hanger steak ($10 for 150g, bottom left) was so flavourful and I must commend Gastrosmiths for hitting that medium-rare doneness perfectly - nicely seared on the outside and juicy on the inside. For something heartier, get their Angus Hamburg with truffle eggs rice bowl ($14, top right). Pro tip: mix up the sauce-infused rice with the truffle eggs, have your spoon filled with a bit of all the components - yes including the juicy beef patty that is packed with flavour - and your body will thank you for that ultimate indulgence.

What's more, all prices are NETT and no service is charged. You're welcome. (and thanks to Burpple for the vouchers!)

Welcome to flavour town – juicy quarter pound beef patty glossed in housemade demi-glace and served with truffled egg over a bed of white rice. So good you’d want seconds, and with @burpple, you can! From now till 31 Jan 2018, just flash the 1-for-1 Angus Hamburg promo on the Burpple app to claim your free Angus Hamburg. They don’t want you to win so ya gotta keep winning.

This was an invited tasting courtesy of @burpple and @gastrosmiths

Taste: 4/5

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