Tacos De Camarón

$13.00 · 5 Reviews

Shrimp was very fresh and perfectly cooked! Was really good when topped with the squeezed lime.

A selection of 8 tacos - fish, pulled pork, prawn, chicken paired with chips, salsa & guac 🥑 Good for sharing with 2-3 friends!


Ordered the Dory Fish Tacos and and Shrimp Tacos. Portions were small but they were delicious! Mushroom quesadilla was great too!

Would have preferred bigger fresh prawns, but a similar flavour profile to the fish tacos but with an extra bouncy bite.


This one has pan-seared baby shrimps in Mexican spices and cabbage. The shrimps are cooked well and slicked in a delicious sauce, so yield a firm, juicy bite. I liked it better with a touch of Papi’s habanero salsa for some heat.