Forbidden Risotto

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Price is abit ridiculous for literally one piece of scallop(delicious as it was). The black rice was well cooked and the creamy sauce went well. It's almost comfort food though, as much as I undst theres probably quite a lot of R&D involved. The slight tang and heat in the broth worked well. Squid was v smoky and crunchy.

Risotto or muifan? The most accurate description is glutinous black rice in broth, that's exactly what it is and that's exactly what it tastes like. Though the similarity w risotto is there

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Really love the dishes here! It’s very delicious and Creative just a bit pricy

The Forbidden Risotto uses black rice that is cooked al dente in a “kiam chai” (salted vegetable) stock, giving it a subtle sour tang. At the same time it is rich and creamy, with a nuttiness afforded by the combination of black rice interspersed with deep fried soybeans. Seafood was decent, although they could have been more generous with the ikura.

Risotto is a dish that, at its core, is simple yet challenging to execute perfectly. Safe to say, Birds of a Feather’s rendition of this Italian staple managed to keep elements of its traditional roots while adding a whole other dimension. Would definitely come back for this again!

The healthy black rice was well-flavoured with a rich stock of sour vegetables, pickled ginger and shoyu dressing. Its savoury-vinegary taste was complemented by the sweetness of the fresh Hokkaido scallops and squid, as well as the brininess of the golden ikura orbs. Baby bok choy, daikon ribbon and fried soy beans were added to provide an extra crunch. Last but not least, the dish was enhanced wih lemon zest to impart a citrusy and refreshing zing which balanced the kaleidoscope of varying flavours in it. Perfect!

As for why this dish is called The Forbidden Risotto, it is because black rice was once reserved for the Chinese emperor due to its high nutritional value. Thus, commoners were forbidden to consume it. 😉

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Many thanks to @msginginly for the invite and @birdsofafeathersg for the warm hospitality.




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Whichever you want to call it, the Forbidden Risotto ($35) is black rice cooked in parmesan cheese, cream and butter. A sourish broth consisted of sour vegetables and pickled ginger are then added to it and finished with some soya sauce, mirin and sesame oil. The firework of flavours worked beautiful on the palate.
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This easily ranks high on the bizarre scale; black rice cooked in a sour vegetable and pickled ginger broth, Parmesan cheese, cream and butter are incorporated into the ‘risotto’ then a combination of soya sauce, mirin and sesame oil is added after the grains have absorbed all that zaniness. Sounds crazy, but this was our standout favourite from a night of amazing hits!

The sour broth was distinct, yet not overpoweringly infused into the chewy black grains. The cheesiness comes in after, distinctly different from the lingering taste of sour broth but somehow fitting in perfectly. Fresh seafood and vegetables helps to round out a very flavourful dish – something I’d definitely return for!


Don’t even know where to begin about our fab dinner at Birds of a Feather! Every dish was more than a pleasant surprise but the Forbidden Risotto was the crowd fav. Loved the oriental take here - black rice in an appetizing sour vegetables and pickled ginger broth, but not forgetting the usual creaminess from added Parmesan cheese! It was topped with squid, scallops and ikura, a combination that’s hard to dislike especially when it’s all so fresh. Lots of textures too, with the seafood, bok choy and soy beans. This was a dish that was put together really well!

Thank you @birdsofafeathersg for the great meal and @burpple for the invite! ✨


The Forbidden Risotto ($35) is a perfect example. Black rice is cooked in an sauteed sour vegetable and ginger broth before being topped with a medley of fresh seafood. Parm, butter and cream are also used in the cooking process to give it a major boost in richness while mirin, soy and sesame oil are also added for greater depth and body. Fantastic cooking.


We were attracted and recommended to this Forbidden Risotto. Black rice done risotto style with fried soybeans, it was delicious and beautiful.
Our sides were the spicy ones. Charcoal deep fried pork bits and calamari with yuzu mayo, both were sprinkled with chilli powder for that spicy kick. While these were still of an comfortable spicy level; the pork ear jelly in Mala sauce easily numbed our tongues.
So while we enjoyed the meal for something different from what we’d usually have; the spicy Sze Chuan nest was one we probably wouldn’t frequent. A good one though for those who loves spicy food.

Headed by a chef that’s French-trained, the dishes that come out from the kitchen have authentic Sichuan flavours with an element of contemporary Western technique to it. What you can expect are flavours that you are not able to get elsewhere, a unique selling proposition that makes Birds of a Feather stands out from other fusion restaurants.

A truly stunning dish is The Forbidden Risotto ($35); in place of arborio rice, black rice is used and cooked in a broth of Sichuan sour vegetables and pickled ginger with a Western touch of the addition of Parmesan cheese, cream and butter. Served with ikura roe, bok choy, soy beans, Hokkaido scallops and squid, the braising liquid was reduced slightly before finishing with a dressing of soya sauce, mirin and sesame oil. With so much techniques and ingredients that go into making this dish, how can it not whet your appetite yet?

I will end off this review with a phrase that reads, “what that will be eaten at Birds of a Feather stays at Birds of a Feather”.
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