Assam Pasta

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It was a pleasure surprise that this shop tucked along the Clarke quay streets got both the breaded fish and noodles right. The noodles was well drenched in Assam gravy which reminded me of the Assam laksa I had in Penang. The fish too was so soft that it literally falls off. Definitely the highlight of the shop!!

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Loved the Assam pasta & truffle mushroom, but can give the Bolognese a miss :(

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Definitely worth it to try this dish if you ever drop by. They give a huge piece of breaded fried dory that's crispy and pulls apart nicely. The spaghetti sauce is fragrant, although the assam gives it a sour tang which some people may not like. On the worth, super worth it!

Price: $15 (get 1-for-1 main dishes with Burpple Beyond!) #halfeatenblog #spagtacular #pasta #fish #burpple #burpplebeyond

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Pictured above is their Mummy's Assam Pasta! A lightly battered dory fillet topped on the assam pasta. The gravy packs a whole punch of flavours. Hits you strong with the sour notes, followed by the assam flavour. OH BOY, IM BLOWN BY IT! The noodles were cooked to the right texture - al dente!

With Burpple Beyond, this original price of $15 would be halved! Bring a friend along for this! The portion is really decent, slightly on the bigger scale 😊

I love fusion pasta! Other than the classic flavors such as pesto, aglio olio and bolognese ($8-13++), this bistro also offers unique pastas in local flavors ($12-15++). so far my faves are the legit sour assam pasta with fish $15++, and the spicy kimchi pasta with pork belly. The chilli crab pasta (pictured) is quite good too, with a sweet-sour and eggy chilli crab sauce, with mixed seafood items such as squid, prawn, dried oysters. The dried oyster a bit weird tho, maybe leftovers from cny. Pretty big servings and the pasta is done al dente, which is not that common in SG. Pizzas and other mains also available. Decor is rather basic/ sparse but service is friendly.
💡: discounts via #burpplebeyond and eatigo. Lunch and dinner sets also available but cannot be used with burpple and eatigo.


Came here with my bf for the Burpple beyond 1-for-1 deal. I got pan seared fish with aglio olio and he got the chicken chop. We also ordered a side of har cheong gai. Food was good, though I think I should’ve gotten the Assam pasta instead. Maybe next time!

Assam pasta $15+
Curry chicken pasta $13+
(We used an app for 1-for-1 promo, bill came up to be only $16.50)

WAITING TIME: Under 10 min

* No ambience. Looks really basic. Construction going on just outside the shop.
* Generous portion size
* Assam pasta was really interesting. Huge piece of fillet.
* Service isn't great
* But yay, no GST
* FOC water


We checked out the Mummy’s Assam pasta with a fried fish in Assam sauce. Fish fillet was nicely cooked while pasta was quite al dente. However, the Assam sauce was kinda basic and lacked depth.
The Golden Egg pasta with salted egg sauce didn’t do it for us. We wished the taste was more punchy in the salted egg way but this was kinda flat in taste.
Definitely room for improvement but perhaps their classic pasta would be better.

The food was a little too salty to be "spagtacular", but overall still pretty worth it for the price.

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