#4 Cheese

$15.00 · 7 Reviews

Calling all cheese lovers- you will love this pizza as it contains 4 different kinds of cheese! Mozzarella, parmesan, feta and cheddar cheese 🧀

Again, it was on BB 1 for 1 so $17.12 in total for 2 pizzas.
P/S: BB only applicable for classic pizzas and selected pastas, please check with staff first~

Located at one end of the underground mall (closer to Esplanade MRT) was this Yellow Cab Pizza Co. that originated from New York, now franchised to 10 countries. It had been here for a number of years, but not many people might not have noticed its existence until their partnership with Burpple Beyond.

Selected pizzas and pastas were available with one-for-one offers, and so I chose their 10-inch NY Classic Pepperoni (S$16.00) and #4 Cheese (S$15.00), which both were instructed to come in thin crusts. The waiting time was quite short actually, and it was interesting to see a basic rack on the table to prop up the pizzas, which was said to help in maximising table space.

When the pizzas came, the first thing that caught my attention was that the pizzas were oily, judging from the blots on the wax papers. But what I was more concerned about was the richness in salt, which perhaps came from the pepperoni. The good thing was that the bottle of Tabasco sauce helped in reducing the harshness of the salt flavours a little, but I presumed that the best way to tackle the strong flavours was to go for some bottled beer.

One-for-one pizzas? Maybe, but not advisable to take this on by only two persons, especially if you were small eaters who were unwilling to request for takeaway boxes.


Ordered the 4 Seasons Pizza (thin crust, 14” @ $28) containing Roasted Garlic & Shrimp, #4 Cheese, Pepperoni and New York Classic. Satisfied with the pizzas in general but the shrimp was a tad small and the pepperoni was quite salty (might taste less salty if not ordered with thin crust). New York Classic was average and #4 cheese was really good.


4 flavours in 1 pizza: NY classic + #4 Cheese + Hawaiian + Roasted Garlic and Shrimp.
The crust was nice but the toppings were a miss for me. Pepperoni was a tad too salty for me; shrimps were small and didn't look/taste fresh; ham was dry. Luckily we ordered alfredo chicken pasta which was decent, but probably won't come back again.

4 flavors in 1 pizza: NY Classic, #4 Cheese, Hawaiian & Roasted Garlic and Shrimps. My second time patronizing this pizza restaurant and will be back for more. Served great pizzas!

(S$18 - 10 inch)

Adding to my #burpplebeyond series...
These good looking slices are of a commercial pizza chain sorts. Best consumed upon serving when hot.
Out of the 4 pizzas my table tried- I’d recommend 3 except for the Hawaiian that had what was banal ham and canned pineapples. The 4 cheese, instead, was great with a good blend of my favourite yellow calcium; while the smoked bacon and red apples rendition was the best out of the lot for its innovative yet successful combination of ingredients.


Not sure which signature pizza to order? Choose this, where there are 4 flavors in 1 pizza!
These includes: NY Classic, #4 Cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and feta), Hawaiian & Roasted Garlic and Shrimp.
Abundant toppings, and I like how the chewy the texture of the pizza dough is! Definitely going to patronize again whenever I’m craving for pizza!

(14” - S$28)