Smoked Bacon + Red Apples

$18.00 · 4 Reviews

My second time patronizing this pizza restaurant! Savory slices of smoked bacon with red apples overlay the onions, capsicums and mushrooms in barbecue sauce. Recommending this pizza flavor, especially if you’re a bacon lover like me!

(S$18 - 10 inch)

Adding to my #burpplebeyond series...
These good looking slices are of a commercial pizza chain sorts. Best consumed upon serving when hot.
Out of the 4 pizzas my table tried- I’d recommend 3 except for the Hawaiian that had what was banal ham and canned pineapples. The 4 cheese, instead, was great with a good blend of my favourite yellow calcium; while the smoked bacon and red apples rendition was the best out of the lot for its innovative yet successful combination of ingredients.


Savory slices of smoked bacon with sweet slices of red apple overlay the abundant toppings of crunchy red & white onions, green capsicums and also mushrooms in barbeque sauce. I can actually tastes the different textures of the ingredients in just one bite! Recommend this pizza if you’re a bacon lover!

(14” - S$29)


Trying out some of this specialty pizza chain’s more unique offerings: smoked bacon with red apples, and - a flavor that’s new on their menu - pesto chicken! Despite its sweet & fruity name, the former turned out to be of the savory variety; thick leaflets of glazed bacon overlay the abundant toppings of mushrooms, capsicums and juicy apple slices (that remind one of pineapple bits from a nostalgic Hawaiian-flavored pizza) coated in barbecue sauce. And when served on its doughy crust, the taste profile matches that of a revamped & upgraded version of Dominoes!😋 I do appreciate a good pesto base, but this one was quite underwhelming, owing in part to being overshadowed by the stronger flavors coming from the chicken, onions and other toppings. That aside, the pizzas were pretty satisfying. In fact, we were WOWed by the generous portions, where the medium size was as big as a typical large-sized pizza!!! Come with friends or be prepared to enter into a food coma!!