Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Shaved Ice

$9.80 · 5 Reviews

Vanilla ice cream, with various fruits such as strawberries, orange, mangoes, peach; and while the milk was actually pretty good, we weren’t too impressed with this. Admittedly pretty cute (before it melts and becomes horrifying). Go for the cream puff instead! 😙

Pun intended.

Creatively shaped to be the head of a bear - comprised of biscuit ears, chocolate eyes and nose, and a vanilla ice-cream mouth, I really enjoyed this despite feeling like the size of the shaved ice could have done with more sauce; then again that could be my issue of not having poured the sauce evenly throughout the dessert. The heavenly Hokkaido jersey milk syrup is a luscious, less sweetened take on condensed milk, with its sweetness additionally contributed but balanced off with a series of mixed fruits: orange, mango, white peach and strawberry. Note that the ice is not fine like bingsu, but rather coarser (yet easygoing on the spoon) as you'd typically expect from kakigori or ice kachang.

The vibes of the spacious interior and promising desserts - with which this proved to be more than just a gimmick - are factors that are bound to keep me coming back when I am along Tras Street (Tanjong Pagar), and I can't wait to try their mains and choux puff when I am back in Singapore! 😁

On sunny days, turn to this Hokkaido-based shaved ice joint in Outram Park to beat the heat. Icy selections are aplenty, including the Kuromitsu Anmitsu Parfait ($12.80) – an assembly of delightful sweets including agar cubes, shiratama mochi and a choice of vanilla or matcha ice cream. The bear shaped Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Shaved Ice ($9.80) with fragrant and rich Hokkaido milk is a hit as well.
Photo by Burppler Wei Zhi Chiang


Don’t think I’ve had an anmitsu before so I can’t be sure how it’s like! The anmitsu we had here came with a bed of agar cubes topped with red bean paste, shiratama mochi, matcha warabimochi, oranges, white peach, a red cherry and a choice of vanilla/matcha ice cream. We went for the sweet and fragrant kuromitsu syrup (drizzle instead of pouring it all to control the level of sweetness), but if you’re a coffee lover, they have coffee syrup available too.

The mochi were soft, while the matcha ice cream fared better than the vanilla we got to try in our Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Shaved Ice ($9.80). Feels like a pretty decent refreshing bowl to have on hot days, but I thought it was too pricey.

Chanced upon this new cafe that’s still currently in their soft opening. The friendly servers recommended dishes that use their specially imported Hokkaido milk. We eventually went with this bear shaped shaved ice and their anmitsu ($12.80)! This was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream along with chunks of oranges, mangoes, white peach and strawberries, as well as an accompanying cup of milk syrup.

The standout for me was the milk syrup, but unfortunately, it wasn’t really enough to go around as we were left with a more diluted mix halfway through. Although I wasn’t much of a fan of this as a whole, the milk itself was rich and fragrant - if only they have the option to swap out the average vanilla scoop for a milk one instead! I’m eyeing to try their Hokkaido BIEI Jersey Milk Soft Serve ($6.50) to get a better taste of the milk on its own.

PS. Baristart currently only offer drinks and desserts, but they will be introducing more food items after their official opening!