Smoked Pepper Tonkotsu Ramen

$13.90 · 1 Review

Five of us trooped over from the office to the newly-opened second outlet of Konjiki Hototogisu Ramen (they just picked up a Michelin star again) at Great World City for lunch and ordered 4 different kinds of ramen to share. Below are my thoughts on each of them.
Signature Oyster Shio Ramen ($15.90++, bowl closest to camera): I found the clear broth here the saltiest of the lot and the oyster taste, courtesy of the housemade oyster paste, most pronounced.
Signature Paitan Ramen (same price as above, middle bowl in pic): This has a smoother, almost creamy broth that is delicate but more interestingly flavoured to me. It also comes with a dollop of the oyster paste to be stirred into the miso base broth, and a slice of lemon for brightness. They take the trouble to grill the corn kernels and that adds to the tastiness. Of the two signature oyster ramens, this is my preferred.
For those who aren’t keen on seafood broth, there are a couple of pork bone broth ramen options for your selection.
The Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.90++) is really appetising as it is flavoured with a housemade chilli oil that reminds me of “ma la” and packs quite a potent kick.
A milder but no less tasty choice for the same base is the Smoked Pepper Tonkotsu Ramen ($13.90++). This has a lovely smoky aroma and the gentle heat of pepper to give the ramen a bolder personality.
All of us agreed the thin and slightly springy noodles were cooked just right as well. There was nothing we found lacking during today’s meal.