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🦀 Crab Pappardelle- Saffron cream, Chives ($36). My 2nd favourite. The dish looks so innocent & I was secretly judging it when it was served since I can’t see any crab bits at first glance. But was pleasantly surprised by the distinctive crab fragrance and al dente pasta. Seafood or crab lovers should really try this!

This cosy, open-kitchen pasta bar nestled in the heart of Keong Saik Road relies on just 11 pasta dishes to impress. For a fun date night idea, get seats at the counter to watch the pasta chefs at work. Although on the saltier side, the Pappardelle ($30) with rabbit ragu, pine nuts and olives makes for a wonderfully unique and delicious meal. The Burpple community is also loving the wanton-like Tortelli ($26), filled with pumpkin and slicked in sage sauce.
Photo by Burppler The RantingPanda


The two weeks old Italian restaurant along Keong Saik Road focuses on handmade pastas where diners can sit around the counter to watch the chefs at work. Here’s the Pappardelle with rabbit ragu, olive and pine nuts!

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